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Related post: and Toprol Price extending downward along the inner border of
the sartorius muscle, which was retracted outward.
The muscles and the deep structures Buy Toprol Online were separated
by blunt dissection, and the iliacus and the rectus
femoris muscles were retracted inward. A part of
the large ring of osteophytes about the rim of the
acetabulum were turned upward with the soft tissues
adherent to them. It was thought wise to leave as
many Toprol 50mg as feasible, on account of their bone forming
possibilities. In so thick a thigh, with the presence
of so much bony outgrowth, it required some care
to ascertain definitely the situation of the joint and
head. With the head of the bone in situ, about one
half of its upper hemisphere was removed with a
large chisel through a plane at right angles to the
long axis of the .shaft of the femur. Then with the
same in.strument the acetabulum was transformed
into a flat surfaced roof, against which the fresh sur-
face of the head was finally brought into firm con-
tact by abduction of the thigh. Upon further at-
tempting abduction, it was found impossible, on ac-
count of the shortened adductors. An oi)en division
of these tendons and muscles was found necessary
before the leg could be brought into proper position.
The plain surfaces of the head and acetabulum were
then brought together by simply abducting the thigh,
and the capsule and soft tissues were then sutured.
The leg was put up in a spica from axilla to toes in
strong abduction.
This operation had the following Toprol Cost advantages ;
First, it assured a bony union, bringing two large
bony surfaces together for ankylosis, and held them
firmly by the mere correction of the deformity. Sec-
ondly, it produced a minimum amount of bony short-
ening. The patient made an uneventful convales-
cence and was walking with crutches at the end of
four weeks. At the end of nine weeks he walked
without cane or crutch and went back to his work as
patrolman in four months. He had not suffered any
pain since the operation, Buy Toprol Xl and the leg had remained
in the corrected position. He had continued as a
patrolman, working nine hours a day, and had not
lost a day on account of his hip.
Dr. Albee had done this operation five times ; all
the cases were advanced ones of arthritis deformans.
The ages of the patients were respectively thirty,
sixty, sixty-three, fifty-five, and sixty-seven. The
shock was very slight in every case. This he be-
lieved was accounted for Toprol Online by the facts that the hip
was not Toprol Recall disarticulated Metoprolol Toprol Xl and that there were very few
structures cut, and all had healed by first intention.
The results in all the cases were most favorable.
f ttttrs tff t\)t mtaxs.
Springfield, III., August iS, 190S.
To the Editors:
The State of Illinois is the "great State" men-
tioned in your editorial of August 1st, under the
heading of State Examinations, and the "chemistry
paper" criticised by Dr. Willis G. Tucker, professor
of chemistry in the Albany Medical College, is the
chemistry paper presented by the Illinois State
Board of Health to candidates at the examination
on October 23-25, 1907. Unlike the editors, I do
not agree with Dr. Tucker in his strictures, and I
fail to find justification for the editors' assertion that
the "average State examination is no trustworthy
criterion of a candidate's title to the license to prac-
tise medicine."
Permit me to briefly discuss Dr. Tucker's criti-
cisms on the questions under consideration. It may
be unjustifiable to give Toprol Xl 100mg so much weight to a mat-
ter like valenc}' (question No. i) in a medical ex- Cheap Toprol
amination. Rut Dr. Tucker will find that this is not
the consensus of teachers in medical chemistry.
Questions relating to valence are often given in
medical examinations. These questions are doubt-
less deemed of importance, but, important or Toprol 100 Mg un-
important, it may be said that question No. I and
the other c|uestions discussed by Dr. Tucker com-
pare very favorably with some of the ([ucstions in
chemistry Order Toprol Xl "set at a recent examination (October
1-3, 1907) of a great State," a State which was
once a province of the Netherlands. Toprol Xl 25mg It ma)- be
asked why Dr. Tucker has not seen fit to criticise
these (luestions, which, Toprol Xl 50 certainly have been brought
to his attention. Parenthetically, it was not neces-
sary for Dr. Tucker to cross the -Mleghenies in
September 5, 1908.
order to obtain material for criticism, assuming that
criticism was called lor.
By an Lopressor Toprol Xl act of interpolation Dr. Tucker questions
the propriety of the term "formula" in questions 3
and 5. As Dr. Tucker should know, this term is
proper, as is its analogue "equation," which appears
in the following question recently submitted by the
examining board of the Netherland province :
"Complete the following equation : 2KI + MnO' -r
2H=SO* =." Surely Dr. Tucker must be at a loss
for words when he attempts to discredit the ability
of a State examiner to formulate questions in a
proper manner.
It will be of interest to the editors and the read-
ers of the Journal that questions i. 2. 3. and 4.

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