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Clonidine Clonidine
Clonidine Clonidine

Related post: irritation which excites the frequent stools, but when
it does not, Withdrawal Clonidine if a local or irrigating treatment is sub-
stituted for internal medication, and the frequency
of the evacuations is diminished, it demonstrates
that the cause of the diarrhcea Clonidine Clonidine is located in the lower
bowel. While endeavoring to make a Clonidine Dosing diagnosis it
is well to bear in mind that a chronic diarrhoea may
be induced by colitis, stricture, benign or malignant
tumors which encroach upon the lumen of the gut,
foreign bodies, Clonidine Dosage a deviated coccyx, faecal impactions
and adhesions, angulations, or other mechanical
obstruction which occludes or keeps the intestine in
a .state of constant irritation. Of these aetiological
factors in chronic diarrhcea. we are at present inter-
ested only in colitis.
Colitis is by far the most common cause of this
•Read before the Medical .^ssociaticn of Greater New York, .\|'ri!
to, 1908.
? complaint, and it may be catarrhal, tuberculous,
dysenteric, syphilitic, or gonorrhceal in character.
Chronic inflammation of the mucosa may excite
frequent discharges of mucus, but does not greatly
increase the number of daily evacuations ; but when
the membrane becomes ulcerated the frequency of
the stools is immediately increased. When the ulcers
are small and far apart, the daily movements will be
few ; on the other hand, when they are multiple and
of large size, the patient will be compelled to spend
most of the time in the toilet.
As a general rule, when ulceration is extensive Clonidine Dose
it most frequently involves the sigmoid or the
If chronic diarrhoea, as I believe in the vast
majority of cases, is induced by ulcerative lesions
situated in the colon, then it appears to me that the
usual method of treating this complaint Catapres Clonidine with drugs
internally administered is wrong and should be dis-
Medicines judiciously used will lessen the number
of evacuations and sometimes arrest a violent attack
of acute diarrhoea by drying up the secretions or
preventing peristalsis, but in the chronic form I have
rarely known them to Clonidine Buy effect a permanent cure, but
have on many occasions witnessed the return of the
diarrhoea as soon as the immediate Buy Clonidine Online effects of the
drugs had worn off.
Chemicals like bismuth and chalk, opiates, Clonidine Tablets intes-
tinal antiseptics, mild astringents, and other reme- Clonidine Catapres
dies so frequently prescribed for, the relief of this
condition, are harmful to the system in many ways,
and patients frequently become addicted to them.
For these reasons and What Is Clonidine because of their ineifccthc-
iicss in Clonidine 0.1 healing lesions responsible for the frequent
stools, they should be discarded in the treatment of
chronic diarrhoea except in cases where, Clonidine Mg for any
reason, direct treatment Cheap Clonidine of the bowel is refused or
found impracticable. Clonidine Tablet
The local frcatiiiciit of colitis may be Clonidine Patch nonopcratke
or surgical. X'onoperative measures, such as con-
trolling the diet, having the patient remain qui^t.
and colonic irrigation, should be given a fair tr"al
before operative procedures are resorted to. The
success .of the nonoperative treatment depends
.mainly upon the thoroughness with which the bowel
*is cleansed. The frequency of the evacuations
diminish as soon as the irrigating fluids hereafter
to be named are correctly used. Many physicians
and nurses believe it an easy matter to insert a colon
tube to administer a high enema or irrigate the
intestine. Owing to the obstruction to the passage
of the tube offered bv the sphincter muscle the
rectal valves, 0'Bein''e's sphivc*^er, the flexures of
Copyright, 1908, by .\. R. Elliott Publishing Corn-any.
the liowel, and the straining of the patient, Buy Cheap Clonidine it is
most difficult in many instances to introduce a soft
rubber pipe well up in the colon. It does not follow-
by any means that the tube has reached its destina-
tion simplv because Order Clonidine it disappears within the bowel,
for the reason that it not infrequently doubles upon
itself within the rectum or sigmoid flexure. When
there is difficulty Clonidine Hydrochloride in inserting the pipe it can be
done quickly by introducing the proctoscope, locat-
FlG. I. — ^ll0^viIlg method of introducing the catiicter into the ileum
in the author's colostomy, with an arrangement for irrigatmg
the small intestines.
ing the entrance to the sigmoid, and then pushing
it through the instrument and into the colon.
Usuall^? after the bowel has been irrigated for a
week, the frequency of evacuations (sometimes ten
to thirty) are reduced to one or two daily. In those
cases where improvement is less marked, it indi-
cates that there is an enterocolitis, or that the solu-
tion is not reaching ulcers situated in the upper part
of the large bowel.
The irrigating treatment is usually effective in all
varieties of colitis, but naturally takes a longer time
to overcome a luberculous than it does other types
of ulcerative colitis.

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