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[New York
Medical Journal.
A New Edition of Gray's Anatomy. — It is announced
by the publishers, Messrs. Lea & Febiger, of Philadelphia,
that a new edition of Gray's Anatomy is soon to appear.
In the work of revision, which has Cheap Coversyl been in progress for
about two years, Dr. J. Chalmers Da Costa and Dr. Edward
A. Spitzka have been associated. Dr. Spitzka has rewritten
the portion relating to the nervous system, illustrating it
with seventy of his own drawings. The revision of the
entire book has been thorough and complete, and in its new
form the book will undoubtedly take again the high place
which it formerly held in the esteem of the medical pro-
fession, both as a textbook Coversyl Online and as a book of reference.
Vital Statistics of New York. — During the week end-
ing July II, 1908, there were reported to the Department of
Health of the City of New York, 1,516 deaths, 979 marriages,
and ,^,009 births. Of the total number of deaths. 739 were
in Manhattan, 127 in the Bronx, 549 in Brooklyn, 78 in
Queens, and 23 in Richmond. The annual death rate in of population was 17.88 for the entire city, 17.13 for
Manhattan, 20.23 for the Bronx, 19.19 for Brooklyn, 17.50
for Queens, and 15.65 for Richmond. The total infant mor-
tality, under five years of age, was 690, of which 359 were
due to diarrhoea] diseases. There were 147 deaths due to
pulmonary tuberculosis during the week. There Buy Coversyl Online were 156
deaths by violence, 58 from sunstroke, 12 from suicide, 4
from homicide, and 82 from accidents. One hundred and
twenty-tive still births were reported.
The American Medical Missionary College, which is
situated in Battle Creek, Mich., and Chicago, 111., was in-
corporated on July 3, 1895. The sole purpose of the college
is the training of physicians for medical missionary work,
and no students are accepted except those who intend to
devote their lives to missionary work. At the time the
college was established no similar institution existed, and
it is said that this is the first and only successful venture
of the sort in the history of medical missionary education.
It is nonsectarian. Since the organization and incorpora-
tion of the institution 343 students have been admitted, and
177 have been graduated. The college is a member of the
Association of American Medical Colleges, and its entrance
requirements and curriculum meet the requirements of the
American Confederation of Reciprocating, Examining, and
Licen.sing Medical Boards.
Infectious Diseases in New York:
IVe are indebted to the Bureau of Records of the De-
partment of Health for the following statement of new
cases and deaths reported for the two iveeks ending July
18, 1908:
, July II , ,. July 18 ,
Cases. Deaths. Cases. Deaths.
Tuberculosis pulinonalis 444 107 481 17.3
Diphtheria 235 33 203 22
Measles 431 14 312 ij
Scarlet fever 187 16 156 14
Varicella 47 .. 35
Typhoid fever 72 lo 50 S
Whooping cough 18 3 25 6
Cerebrospinal meningitis 6 5 7 7
Totals 1.440 188 1.269 243
Changes in the Faculty of the College of Medicine of
Syracuse University h.ive been made as follows: Dr.
Frank F. Knowlton, associate professor of physiology, has
been made professor of physiology; Dr. H. S. Steensland,
associate professor of pathology and bacteriology, has been
made professor of pathology and bacteriology ; Dr. H. D.
Senior, associate professor of anatomy, has been made
professor of anatomy; Ernest N. Pattee, M. Buy Coversyl S., professor of
chemistry in the College of Liberal Arts. Syracuse, N. Y.,
has been made a member of i:he faculty of the College of
Medicine; Dr. Richard 11. Hutchings, medical superinten-
dent of the St. Lawrence State Hospital, Ogdensburgh,
N. Y.. has been appointed lecturer in psychiatry ; Dr. Ralph
R. Fitch, of Rochester. X. Y., has been appointed lecturer
in orlhopxdics ; Mr. Charles V. Morrill, recently assistant
in zoology in Columbia University, New York, has been
appointed lecturer in histology and embryology.
Medical Inspection of Schools in Chicago.— During
the ten months of the school year, ending June 26, 1908,
the medical inspectors of schools examined 406,919 chil-
dren, excluding 12,240, or 3 per cent., on account of con-
tagious, infections, or parasitic diseases. The principal
causes of exclusion were: Chickcnpox. 1,125; diphtheria,
,368; impetigo contagiosa, 1,680; measles, 1.259; mumps,
360; pediculosis. 1,644; Order Coversyl purulent sore eyes, 334; scabies,
860; scarlet fever, 419; tonsillitis, 2,556; tuberculosis, 22;
whooping cough, 265; affections of less importance, 1,348.
Vaccination was performed on 47,875 school children, and
every pupil in the public and the leading parochial schools was
examined as to vaccinal status. One hundred medical men
were employed in this service. During the last two weeks
of the school year a physical examination was made of
4,188 children, 2.214 ff whom were found to be defective
and were referred to their family physician for treatment.
Changes in the Curriculum of Purchase Coversyl the College of Medi-
cine of Syracuse University. — It is announced that, com-
mencing in 1909. students entering the College of Medicine
of Syracuse University must have satisfactorily completed
one full year, and on and after October, 1910, two full
years, in a science or arts course in a college recognized by
the Regents of the State of New York, and in that course
and in their preparation for it, a competent course in
physics, chemistry. Latin, one modern language and biology
must be included. The equivalent of this requirement, that

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