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August 24th — Bowels not Buy Cheap Accutane Online moved since yesterday's visit, has hemorrhage
from the nose, pulse 78, skin moist, kidneys acting well.
R. Pnlv. alum, grs. iv.
Ferri sulph., ** xx.
Sol. soda bi-carb., 0£. iv. m. s.
A table-spoonfiDd every two hours ; infus. pipsisewa oj. as a drink, chicken
soup, milk punch.
August 25th — ^Fever subsiding, pulse 78.
R. Ferri snlph., grs. xx.
Sol. soda bi-oarb, oz. ir. m.s.
A table-spoonful every two hours ; Cost Of Accutane With Insurance chicken soup, milk punch.
August 26ih — ^Hemorrhage continues, urine dark colored. E. Buy Accutane Cheap continue
Digitized "by
148 New Orhmm MiMbal Mw9 ami^ Botpiial Oazette.
August 27dl— Pulae 80, sweating freely, kidneys acting well, no pain,
some appetite, hemorrhage slight, continne treatment.
September lat— Pktient continued to improve and was nearly well, when
I was myself seised with Purchase Accutane Online the fever. I did not use the alum in many cases.
as I found that, in doses even as small as one grain, it produced nausea. Buy Cheap Accutane
Hy most usual prescription was —
Ferri snlpb., grs. sl.
Spts. nit dulc, oi, j.
Sol. Boda bi-carb., oi. Iv.m. «.
A table-spoonful every two or three hours. There is a chemical change
in the mixture, forming carbonate of iron and sulphate of soda, but by
shaking the mixture well the proportionate dose of iron and soda was
given. I give the nitre to act on the kidneys, for Buy Accutane Uk if they fail in their
functions, the chances for recovery are greatly lessened When there is
great pun over the region of the kidneys in the early stages of Ae fever,
cupping gives great relief, and when the patient can bear the loss of blood,
I think it advisable to use the cups. In the latter stages of the disease,
I think cathartics are unnecessary, if not positively injurious. I have
frequently let patients in the hospital go from three to five days without
an operation on the bowels, without any bad effects resulting, thai I could
see ; and I found that the quieter the patients were kept towards the last
stages, the better for them.
The great disposition to emesis is an indication that the stomach is to
be kept as quiet as possible after the third day, and if cathartic medicines
are How Much Does Accutane Cost then given, the patient Accutane Price With Insurance is extremely liable to be exhausted, Online Pharmacy Accutane both by em>
esis and purgation, at the very time that his too fast failing strength should
be sustained. I think that hospital patients require more stimulation dtan
those in private practice. Their constitutions are Price Accutane often greatly impaired
previous to an attack of the fever; hence, the frequehcy of my prescribing
milk punch, partly as a direct stimulent, partly for its nutnent properties.
It also agrees widi the stomach. Accutane Online Pharmacy
I think that the ammonia, iron and alum, so highly spoken of by Tyler
Smith in his treatment of leucorrhoea, will prove a valuable medicine in
the hemorrhagic cases of yellow fever. In ward 32, up to August 22d, I
used the alum and. iron, treatment in nine hemorrhagic cases. But one of
the nine died, the fest case as reported above*
Billing August there were admitted into the Charity Hospital 1075
cases of yellow fever, 586 died, 626 discharged. In my wards, 82 and ftS^
Digitized Accutane Cost With Insurance by
fee thfi auM mootb, were atektoi 5aca0e»ef yeltenr fever, of whioh 16
HmpML Mpcprt for AugBsti 185& P^liente adfluttod in imda 32
Admittadi ,...«».««^ ^..^ »»...^ 87
Di8o)Mrg9d, ^ 66
Ditd, « 19
January 30th; 1856| 6i A. m. — I was called by Br. S., to assist him
in a case of labor. Mrs. C, aged 22 years — third pregnancy — in good
general health, though lame in left leg from an old attack of scrofolous
nature; had been in labor twenty^fonr hours. Dr. S. had been up all Cheap Accutane Online night
wiUi her ; the membranes had been ruptured four hours, the os uteri being
perlbetly dilated at the time. Since the rupture of the same, however, the
pttins hivve been altogetiier inefficient, and little, if any progress has been
On examination pet vaginamj I found the head at die brim of the
pelviis with its 'Accutane Order Online
tofb and dilatable to any requisite extent. Befcre wididrawing my j^gen,
I attempted to produce flexion by pushing up the forehead, (a maiiipula-
tion unsucceetfolly tried by Dr. S. before I arrived,) bat the effort waa
vuraSing. I then afqdied die veolis to die occiput, and poshed with die
iogers against the forehead at Buy Accutane From Canada die same dme, and dins readily remedied
tbe deviadon of preeentatiim. The head being now reduced to a plain first
pofliiioB of vertex presentation, we determined to await the efforts of nature
a litd^ Accutane Order but' it was soon found, that the pains Buy Accutane Online Cheap were alt(^;edier insufficient to
expel tha ftetus; which Accutane Online Buy we* Imd every reason for believing to be large.
We now gave the patient a moderate dose cf wine of ergot, and I ap-
plied Hodge's fbroeps to the head in the superior strait. In die course of
twenty minules^ the trtettne contractions were inereased in Buy Accutane Canada force, aad

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