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Sulfasalazine 500
Sulfasalazine 500

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The symptoms known as "typhoid" arc common
to a number of diseases and their distinct ameliora-
tion after the administration of an intestinal anti-
septic is strong evidence in favor of the view that
they are largely due to poisoning from absorption of
products of intestinal putrefaction. On account of
its great insolubility, a property upon which its
value as an intestinal antiseptic largely depends,
thymol must be prescribed in pill or capsule. Generic Sulfasalazine One
of the best excipients Purchase Sulfasalazine for thymol is medicinal soap.
As to the dose, my practice has been to give from
30 to 40 Sulfasalazine 500 Mg grains in twenty-four hours — two 2j4 Purchase Sulfasalazine Online grain
pills every three or four hours, although much
larger quantities may be given with perfect safety
and, perhaps, with still better results. I have given
thymol to all the cases of diarrhoea, acute and
chronic, under my care during a Buy Sulfasalazine Online six months' service
at the Philadelphia Hospital, and, excepting a few
cases of Buy Cheap Sulfasalazine intestinal tuberculosis, with invariably good
results. I regret that I cannot obtain the number
of these cases Sulfasalazine 500mg in time for publication. To those
familiar with the hospital in question, it is scarcely
necessary to say that my opportunities for testing
the drug were great.
Mercury. — As I have no present intention of
writing a treatise on antiseptic medicine, I will
neither refer to the various modes of administering
mercury nor discuss the question how far its benefi-
cial effect, in general, may be of an antiseptic
nature, but will simply give my experience of its
employment in the treatment of erysipelas.
The evidence that erysipelas is a local disease due
to a microorganism is overwhelming, but, if I may
judge from Order Sulfasalazine Online a recent discussion in a Philadelphia
medical society, it has not yet come to the knowl-
edge of some of the most prominent members of
our profession. I will, therefore, briefly recapitulate
the result of an investigation of the subject.
It has been thoroughly demonstrated by Fehleisen
and others that erysipelas is caused by the presence
of a living organism, a micrococcus, in the lym-
phatic vessels of the skin. This organism, which is
usually observed in the form of chains or strings of
beads, and is, therefore, known as a streptococcus,
has been isolated by successive cultures and inocu-
1 Editorial in The Medical News on Intestinal Antisepsis.
June II, 1887.
Digitized by
NoyXMBER 3, 1888.]
lated into rabbits with the result of giving them an
attack of erysipelas. The animals inoculated were
nine in number, and of the nine, eight had a well-
marked attack of the disease, starting from the tip of
the ear in which the inoculation was made. The
period of incubation — i. e., the time between the
inoculation and the first signs of inflammation, varied
between thirty-six and forty-eight hours. Denuc6,
a French observer, has repeated these experiments
upon six animals, five rabbits and one dog, with
positive results in every case. Such evidence would
be accepted by most individuals as sufficient to
prove the Buy Sulfasalazine dependence Arthritis Sulfasalazine of erysipelas upon a micro-
organism; but, Fehleisen has gone a step further,
and inoculated seven human beings. He did this
on the ground that it was not only for the benefit of
science, but for that of the individuals themselves,
although it does not appear that they were consulted
on this point.« It has long been observed that
chronic eczematous affections, glandular swellings,
lupus, and multiple sarcomatous tumors have disap-
peared after an attack of erysipelas, and it was upon
individuals afflicted with such diseases that the
experiments were made. All but one of Sulfasalazine 500 these
experiments were successful from the standpoint of
experimental pathology, but the therapeutic results
hardly warrant the addition of the streptococcus of
Fehleisen to the Pharmacopoeia. In fact, a woman
forty years of age, with scirrhus of the breast, who
was inoculated with erysipelas by Janicke and
Neisser,' died four days after the operation. It was
a satisfaction to these experimenters to observe at
the autopsy that the micrococci artificially intro-
duced had penetrated the cancer cells and destroyed
them in large numbers. The remedy, however, if
such it can be called, was undoubtedly more malig-
nant than the cancer itself.
The above facts Order Sulfasalazine are quite sufficient to prove that
erysipelas is a local parasitic disease, and to justify a
local germicidal method of treatment. A treat-
ment based on these views of the nature of Sulfasalazine Online erysipelas
was first recommended by Hueter. It consisted in
the subcutaneous injection of a two per cent, solu-
tion of carbolic acid, manifestly with the object of
destroying the parasite. Its success was not striking,
and an attempt to improve it was, therefore, made
by Dr. Kiihnast, of Freiburg, who concluded from
a study of three cases that multiple scarification and
the application, with rubbing, of a five Sulfasalazine Arthritis per cent,
solution of carbolic acid, were the best treatment yet
devised. This may be true; but, if so, there are
numerous exceptions to the rule. In the first place,
this method cannot be applied to that part of the
body — the face — which is the most common site of
erysipelas, on account of the danger of subsequent
scarring. Secondly, it is so painful that the opera-

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