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It is noticeable, from observation of the preceding state-
ment, that a majority of the patients recover when the missiles
escape primarily. The difference, however, is but a slight
one, still this difference is an argument in favor of removal.
It appears, by comparison of the two tables, that the results
are much better when the missiles are removed by the sur-
geon than when they escape primarily. The greater force
of the missile and the greater injury inflicted by it in the
latter instance are substantial reasons for the dissimilarity
of the results.
It can be stated, in view of the preceding results, as a
principle that a ball should be removed from the brain. It
is now Purchase Aciphex Online proper to inquire as to the causes of death in con-
nection with these forms of injury. Abscess of the brain
was the cause of death in 42 (18 per cent.) of the entire
number of cases Aciphex Pi of the first series (236). In 13 of the 42
cases (31 per cent.) abscess followed removal of the ball at
various periods of time. In one instance it occurred seven
years after removal. Usually, however, its occurrence Is There A Generic For Aciphex was
closely associated with the time of the removal itself. In
the remaining 29 cases of abscess (69 per cent.) the missiles
were not removed. In these cases the abscesses formed at
various intervals of time — from a few days to thirteen years.
In three of the latter instances abscess formed seven years
after the receipt of the injury.
We will inquire now as to the subsequent condition of
patients in Aciphex 40 Mg certain cases of so-called recovery. Fourteen
were more or less afflicted with headache. Of these, in
two only had the missiles been removed. Eight suffered
from some form of paralysis of the trunk or limbs, and in
but one of these had the missile been Aciphex Generic Name removed. Six suffered
in a degree from mental Aciphex Buy impainiient ; What Is Aciphex 20 Mg in two of these the
ball had been removed. In three instances partial or total
blindness followed, in all of which the Aciphex Tablets missiles remained in
the brain. Epilepsy resulted in three cases, in one of which
the ball had been removed. Sudden death while under ex-
citement followed in three cases, in none of which the ball
had been removed. In one case in which Buy Generic Aciphex the ball had not
been removed death followed a year after from pressure on
important parts within the cranium. Of the 66 cases in
which the missiles were removed from the brain, 27 (41 per
[N. T. Mbd. Jodk.,
cent.) fii(li'

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