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^ook Hoiitcs.
Memorial Sketches of Dr. Mosea Gunn. By his Wife. With Buy Estradiol Cream
Extracts from his Letters and Eulogistic Tributes from his
Colleagues and Friends. Chicago : W. Buy Cheap Estradiol T. Keener, 1890. Estradiol Buy Online
Pp. xx-380.
It is said that " no man is a hero to his valet," and the text
needs no commentary for its elucidation ; yet Cheap Estradiol how much less of
the heroic can be sustained before so intimate an associate as a
wife, and how many excellent qualities must be possessed to in-
sure such womanly and tender acknowledgment as is frankly
made in this Estradiol Buy volume!
Professor Gunn was born in New York State in 1832, and
was graduated in medicine at (ieneva in 1841). He went to
Ann Arbor, Mich., at once to practice, and in 18.50 was appoint-
ed professor of anatomy and surgery in the medical colleiro at
that place. Subsequently ho went to Chicago, where he lived,
taught, and practiced his specialty Where To Buy Estradiol of surgery for the rest of his
life. He was an excellent surgeon, a hard worker, and a popu-
lar teacher, and but for the Chicago fire would have left as a
memorial a volumeon surgery that was destroyed in manuscript
in that catastrophe.
lie was devoted to his profession for itself, and not for any
renown that it might afford. A letter written during McClel-
lan's campaign, in answer to a criticism on the lack of reference
to the medical corps in the dispatches, gives a summary of his
opinion of the i)opular regard for the profession: "We may
brave the pestilence when all others flee; wo may remain firm
at our [xists when death is more imminent than it ever was on
the battle-field; but who sings our praise? Does the world
know who tlie physicians were who fell at Norfolk when yel-
low fever depopulated that town? Does it know who rushed
in to fill their places? And of tliose who survived, can it
designate one? Did they survive to receive fame? Yet those
men were braver than the bravest military leader, for theirs
was a Estradiol Order bravery unsupported by excitement or by the hoi)e of
fame. No! there are none so poor as to do us reverence. And,
thank (Jod, Purchase Estradiol there are few of us so unsophisticated as to expect
This present volume is largely composed of personal letters
and the correspondence of his friends, Estradiol Online and will undoubtedly be
of great interest to tlie many studeDts that listened to his lect-
ures and learned to appreciate his worth.
Lehrhvch der allgemeinen und gpeeiellen pathologkchen Analom ie
fur Aerzte nnd Stndirende. Von Dr. Ernst Zieglee, Pro-
fessor der pathologischen Buy Ethinyl Estradiol Anatomic und der allgemeinen
Pathologic an der Universitat Freiburg in Baden. Zwei
Bande. Sechste neu bearbeitete Anflage. Zweiter Band.
Specielle patbologische Anatoraie. Mit 435 theils schwarz-
en, theils farbigen Abbildungen. Jena Purchase Estradiol Online : Gnstav Fischer,
1890. Pp. xii-3 to 1024. [Preis, Mrk. 16.]
It is a little over a year since the first Order Estradiol Online volume of the sixth
edition of this excellent work appeared, and all that was then
said in its favor can be appropriately applied to this volume.
There have been additions to the chapters on endocarditis, ar-
teritis, aneurysm, gastritis, enteritis, pneumonia, and acute and
chronic nephritis.
We believe the work to be unsurpassed for the use of either
the student or the practitioner.
Les microbes, lea ferments et les moisiasuren. Parle Dr. E. L. Generic Estradiol
Trouessart. Deuxieme Edition, revue, corrig^e et conside-
rablement auginent^e. Avec 132 figures dans le texte.
Paris: Felix Alcan, 1891. Pp. xi-282.
The first edition of this work, published five years ago, was
translated for the International Scientific Order Estradiol Series, and is un-
doubtedly familiar to many of our readers. The constant ad-
vances in the science of bacteriology have required numerous
additions to the matter in the original work, and this volume
contains not only new illustrations, but additions to the chap-
ters on rabies, on intermittent fever, on cholera, on epidemic
intiuenza, and on pneumonia; and the theories of phagocytosis,
non-specificity, and microbial association are presented in a
lucid manner.
The volume is intended not only for the lay reader, but for
those medical men that desire to possess a clear idea of the
subjects of microbes, ferments, and molds without the necessity
of studying the mass of associated detail in most of the text-
books on those subjects.
A Manual of Auscultation and Percussion. Buy Estradiol Valerate By ArsTFN Flint,
M. D., liL. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice Buy Estradiol of

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