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Related post: f Zeitschrift fiir Biolocfie, 1886.
X Not in his classical book. Die Athenibiwegungen, etc., as cited hy
Cowl, but in Reichert's u. Du Boi.s-Reymond's Archiv, 1865.
N. Y. Mkd. Jouk.,
preHiMit ill itH tiiwiie," etc. It oujfht to be clear to every
reader tliat there was no occnsioii to ineiitioii my iiaiiie in
this coiiiltiiiatioii ; as to Mnn-lvwalil, it is siillicieiit to iria|ih, p. I2(i) : " I >ie im Athcm-
ecntrmii selhst wirksamcii Kei/.e sind iniijfliciierweisc ;^i('i-
eher Natur, wie die das isolirte llerz erre^endeii, viclliicht
Zemetzuinisproii ticte der interceliiifarcn Suhstanz.^^
By the way, the said experiment of Volkmann and
Marekwald has been lately repeated an

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