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Related post: bodies with free blood supply, as great as any other
organ in the body of similar size, covered with
E. p. O'.D. WP-iite Relative:
— ^ = White Field-Red * =(^3
- Rod " -Red Positive -^^
^ 30.
mucous membrane of the same character as that of
the pharyngeal wall, and subjected to variations of
blood supply. These variations may be due to ef-
fete products from imperfect assimilation or com
bustion of various substances, all of which have a
specific effect upon this mucous mcml^rane and con-
stitute an added factor for infection of thest-
While an unilateral optic neuritis is Order Confido generallx
suggestive of sphenoidal trouble it is not pathogno-
monic, and does not give any measurable degree of
assurance that this cavity is infected, for many well
authenticated cases of optic neuritis whose a^tiologi
cal factor is brain tumor are on record. There are
cases of medium degree of passive congestion of the
fundus which later became a decided neuritis, due
to infection of this sinus. Recall to your mind thar
the drainage from the eye Buy Confido Online by means of the superior
and inferior ophthalmic veins is not its only source.
— =VVhite Field
— =Red Field,
daya. after
White Relative- i'v
Red Posi tlve - M
Fig. 3. — Case II, before operation.
Fig. 4. — Case 11, after operation.
there being a direct connection with the vena eth-
moidalis as another avenue of infection.
Regrettable as it is, we have no anatomical basis
upon \Vhich to base the intimate relation that must
exist between the lymphatics of the eye and those of
the sphenoid and ethmoid, with the result that we
must be contented with recording our clinical in-
vestigations of optic neuritis, choked disc, etc.. Buy Confido
which should always include a thorough examina-
tion of the sphenoidal and ethmoidal sinuses as
well, for many are the patients that recover normal
vision or nearlv so following operative measures
upon these sinuses.
We now know that tlie teaching of intracranial
inflammation of the optic nerve, such as we find in
our textbooks to-day. is decidedly defective. When
a better understanding of these sinuses is brought
forth a rearrangement of our present classification
of optic neuritis will be the result. In support of a
August 13, IQIO. 1
new classification and an aid to diagnosis 1 wish
to report five cases with perimetric charts before
and after operation upon the sphenoid and pos-
terior ethmoidal sinuses. While the number of

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