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Drospirenone And Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets Yaz Drospirenone Ethinyl Estradio

Drospirenone And Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets
Drospirenone And Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets

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From these and many other observations Dr. Bowles
says that he can not help feeling that Rontgen rays may
be modifications only of ordinary light, and that their
further elucidation must go hand in hand with a further
inquiry into the profound changes caused by reflection
to which he has above referred. It need not necessarily
be assumed, he thinks, that what we call darkness im-
plies an absence Yaz Drospirenone Ethinyl Estradio of all the forms of light.
In August, 1896, the author, assisted by ilr. Travers,
undertook some experiments to discover the cause of the
radiant energy from snow being so much more irritating
to the eyes and skin than direct energy from the sun,
as follows:
1. To show the relative values of sunlight and snow-
light in freeing iodine from its combination with hydro-
3. To test the relative effects of sun on xxx Paget's
plates, inclosed in cases made of aluminum and cardboard,
in producing pictures like those of Eontgen.
These exposures, says Dr. Bowles, were effected on
snow at an elevation of eight thousand and forty feet,
near the hut of the Ober Aletch Glacier, on three con-
secutive days. The weather was bad and uncertain, but
there was some sunlight, and some interesting and defi-
nite results were obtained.
Bottles containing equivalent proportions of a sul-
phuric-acid solution and potassium iodide were fixed
in cases and exposed simultaneously to the sun and snow;
some bottles were coated with pigments, others with
cloth of various colors, but each case contained also some
of the solution in an uncovered bottle as a control ex-
The results were expressed in iodine equivalents, and
they appear, he says, as Mr. Travers expresses it, " to
indicate that the actinic value of the reflected light
from snow is somewhere about 0.7 to 0.8 of the value of
the direct rays of the sun."
The x-ray plate exposed to the sun displayed slda-
graphs of a piece of tin, whereas on the plate exposed
to the snow no change could be detected; but as there
are reasons for the possibility of this plate having been
spoiled, this experiment was not conclusive. The au-
thor quotes Mr. Travers, in his remarks on the experi-
ments, as follows:
" In dealing with the published accounts of the cases
of sunburn and dermatitis produced by the so-called
x-rays, it is not at all certain that the injury done to the
hands and arms of the Drospirenone And Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets operators was due to the rays
which are capable of penetrating Yaz Drospirenone And Ethinyl Estradiol aluminum sheets, etc.
We know that the radiations from a Crookes's tube in-
clude rays which come within the visible portion of the
spectrum, and it is to these rays that we may attribute
the power of producing sunburn.
" Further, while it takes a very long time to produce
sunburn in the neighborhood of a tube which will fog
a photographic plate, contained in a dark slide, in a few
seconds, light reflected from the snow will sunburn in a
very short time, but will not fog a plate Yasmin Drospirenone Ethinyl Estradiol in a dark slide.
" In a paper which appeared either in the Lancet or
British Medical Journal a few weeks ago, it was shown that
the effect produced by certain kinds of light — e. g., light
from incandescent gas or arc lamps — produced injurious
effects. The injury could not be attributed to the pres-
ence of a greater intensity of ultra-violet or violet light
than was present in sunlight, but was due to the absence
of ' red ' radiation.
" In the reflected light from snow the heat rays are
nearly entirely absent, the violet (chemical) rays would
be present with almost the same intensity as in the direct
" Considering the lack of evidence in favor Drospirenone And Ethinyl Estradiol Generic of the
x-rays pure and simple being a cause of dermatitis simi-
lar to sunburn, it is worth while reviewing the facts in
support of the theory that the true cause is to be found
in the violet or chemical rays, or in the increase of in-
tensity of the violet rays with regard to the intensity of
the red rays.
" I think that the facts cited in your paper {British
Medical Journal, March 7, 1896, furnish sufficient sup-
Here, continues the author, from an entirely physi-
cal point of view, Mr. Travers, like others, arrives at con-
clusions similar to his own — namely, that the vital
changes on the skin are due to the chemical rays, and
apparently to those rays alone, and that the rays issuing
from a Crookes's tube are not an entirely new form of
energy distinct and separate from light, but contain a
proportion of luminous and chemical rays, and that light,
as such, as well as the divisions into which it can be
split up, may penetrate wood, clothing, and the human

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