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Related post: forms the greater part of the nitrogenous excretion.
The origin of this acid in mammals and Valtrex Price Walmart birds has
until recent years been disputed. By Zalesky,* Bar-
tels,f Frerichs,J and Fleischer* the kidneys were re-
garded as the seat of its manufacture. This was shown
to be erroneous by Chrzonszczewski, | who observed in
geese with extirpated kidneys a deposition of uric acid
in the tissues generally ; by Salkowski/ who showed that
in kidney disease uric-acid Valtrex Cost Without Insurance excretion was not materially
diminished; and by Abeles,i) who found that the living
kidney was unable to synthetize uric acid.
Virchow, and also Ranke, regarded the spleen as the
seat of uric-acid formation, because, in leucaemia, this
organ enlarged coincidently with the appearance of the
acid in the urine.
Facts soon accumulated, however, pointing toward
the liver as the place of origin of uric acid in birds.
MeissnerJ demonstrated that the liver in mammals
contained more urea and in birds more uric acid than
any other organ. Finally, the decisive work of Minkow-
ski $ proved tlia' in birds the liver plays a predominant Valtrex 500mg Dosage
role in the Buy Valtrex Online Canada formation of uric acid.
This author found, in working upon geese, that if
the liver was extirpated or ligatured out of the circula-
tion, the amount of uric acid excreted greatly dirnin-
* Untersuehungen iiber den urSmiechen Proems. Tubingen, L866. Valtrex 500 Mg Caplet
| II. hi, lit. ilt i- K Valtrex Cost Canada m akin it, it -lis Harnapparotet, 1st;,.
£ Brighp8che \"t> it it! f'tiillii it, 1851.
a Arehivf. letin. Med., \\\\.
] Virchow'e Arehiv, Bd, xxxv.
Pfliiger's Arehiv, Bd. viii.
t) Wiener A/.tttl. SUxungsber., Bd, lxxxvii, S. 1 s T.
I Cheap Valtrex Online Zeit.f. rat. Sfed., xxxi, Bd,
| Minkowski. Uebcr den Einflues der Leherextirpation aui den
Stoffweobsel. Arehivf. exp. Path. >

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