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Verapamil Price

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And Verapamil Gel 15 the continuation of Browne's comment presents
a further special focus of interesting enlightenment,
indicating as it does the genetic source of blunder-
ing opinion which is so prone to germinate sponta-
neously — and develop rapidly, and grow stoutly,
and blossom broadly and brightly — in the ill
ploughed and viciously seeded mental fields of a
large proportion of the "modern" superficial com-
mentators who are unqualified to see through, or
draw aside, the veil of metaphoric expression in
which the members of the intellectual oligarchy of
every age and nation have been always so prone to
infold their sublimest thoughts :
"The ground and expression of this conceit was
a literall apprehension of a figurative expression in
Plato, as Galen plainely delivers ; the effect of
whose words is this : To opinion that man is to
looke up and behold the heavens, is a conceit only
fit for those that never saw the fish uranoscopus,
that is, the beholder of heaven ; which hath its eyes
so placed, that it Verapamil 180 Mg lookes directly to heaven, which
man doth not, except he recline, or bend his head
backward ; and thus to looke up to heaven agreeth
not onely unto men, but Asses; to omit Verapamil Online birds with
long neeks, which looke not only upwards, but
round about at pleasure ; and therefore men of this
opinion understood not Plato when he said that
LNew York
Medical Journal.
sursum aspicere, for thereby was not meant to gape
or Verapamil 40 Mg looke upward with the eye, but to have his
thoughts subHme, and not only to behold, but spec- Transdermal Verapamil 15 Gel
ulate their Buy Verapamil Online nature with the eye of the understand-
When primitive man commenced to "speculate"
the nature of his environments, the intellectual data
furnished by his "innate ideas" must indeed have
been limited in quantity Verapamil 15 Gel and crude in quality. But
Plato's observation was sublimely true in the sense
which he meant it to convey — to his esoteric read-
ers, at least — he was distinguished from all other
created beings by the fact that he concerned him-
self with "things above." An dwith this hankering
for indulgence in Verapamil Er 240 intellectual aviation developed
that restless spirit of inquiry into the mysteries of
the unknown, which many painstaking votaries of
truth profess to think remains still as far from its
goal as was the point from which it originally
started. The contemplation of the inherited and
continuous, if not Transdermal Verapamil Gel quite satisfactorily progressive —
efforts, 'and the Verapamil Tablets results successively attained, cannot
fail, however, to interest every Verapamil Er 240 Mg inquiring and en-
lightened mind.
Even at a very early period of (unrecorded) hu-
man history, our ancestors probably felt fairly sat-
isfied regarding the definiteness of the sure and
firm set earth on which they trod, and which expe-
rience had taught them to utilize to best profit in
the pursuits of agriculture. Water, although, in
appearance and general physical properties, so
transparent and passively yielding, was, in some
other respects, a good deal more mysterious. Al-
though so specially nonresistant to general Verapamil 15Verapamil 240 Mg Er manipu-
lation, it was able to oppose and overcome fire, the
most universally destructive of all known agents ;
and to extinguish life in all animals not specially
adapted to an existence within it. Then, on the
other hand, its presence, in appreciable quantity,
was absolutely necessary to every form of life, both
animal and vegetable. And it existed not only on
the face of the earth, but in the (firmament or)
heavens above, and beneath the earth (and the
foundations thereof) everywhere. Accordingly,
the fact came to be regarded and accepted as un-
questionable, that the earth (which was undeniably
flat — with qualifying irregularities, in the form of
excrescences representing mountains, valleys, and
the adjuncts thereunto adherent, and the decora-
tions thereof) was completely surrounded by, and
rested upon, a vast bedlike expanse of the aqueous
fluid, the presence of which could always be demon-
strated by digging to a sufficient depth. Thus earth
and water were so arranged as Verapamil Price to form the basis of
support of all the movable and floating objects that
occupied a place on the surface of man's terrestrial
habitat. The aim of the philosopher always has
been the tracing of the "facts" and "things" and
"phenomena," which he has found on the segment
of the circumference of nature that has been provi-
dentially placed within his reach, to the central
source of their causation and government. Thus
philosophical cosmogony and cosmology have ever-
more concerned themselves with : the efficient pri-

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