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the illustrations showing vei-y admirably the distinction be-
tween this disease and pemphigus, that, as the author states,
probably depends upon the clinical morphology and not upon
any fundamental difference in the pathology ; plate xxv, which
illustrates a case of psoriasis punctata in which there was but
a moderate degree of scaliness ; Celebrex Online plate xxix, which shows a case
of Celebrex Purchase pityriasis rubra, the history of which is interesting because
thyreoid extract was given 200 Celebrex for a time with the effect of reduc-
ing the hyperromia, but in which, syphilitic infection being sus-
pected, the patient was placed on proper treatment and a cure
resulted ; plate xliv, which depicts extreme forms of ichthyosis of
general distribution, also four instances of keratosis; plate slvi,
which shows a case of ichthyosis congenita in a child a month
old ; and plate Ixv, which represents three forms of lupus ery-
The great essential for an atlas of skin diseases is that the
portraits shall be good, and this requisite is met in this work.
The wide experience and excellent judgment of the author
should be assumed to be a sufficient guarantee of the care with
which the different illustrations would be selected, and this
half of the work fully confirms the correctness of such an
assumption. The text is short, but clear and practical, describ-
ing the details of the case, the varieties of the disease, and the
methods of treatment.
A Pictorial Atlas of Skin Diseases and Celebrex 100 Syphilitic Affections in
Photo-lithochroraes from Models in the Museum of the St.
Louis Hospital, Paris. With Explanatory Woodcuts and
Text. By Ernest Besnieb, Physician to the St. Louis Hos-
pital, etc. ; xV. FoDESiEii, Professor of the Faculty of Medi-
cine, etc. ; M. Tenneson, Physician to the St. Louis Hos-
pital ; M. Hallopeau, Professeur agregiS of the Faculty of
Medicine, etc. ; M. 1)0 Castel, Physician to the St. Louis
Hospital. With the Co-operation of Henri Fedlard, Cura-
tor of tho Museum, and Leon Jacquet, Secretary of the
Dermatological Society of France. Authorized English
Translation. Edited by J. J. Prixgle, M. B., F. R. C. P.,
Assistant Physician to and Physician to the Department for
Diseases of the Skin at the Middlesex Hospital, London.
Part I. London: F. J. Rebman, 1895. [Price, lOs. 6i-
tal, of Paris, representing typical cases of common diseases.
For the better understanding of the plates these will be repro-
duced in woodcuts by photo-lithography. The editor states
that he will confine his annotations to questions of nomencla-
ture; his principal etfort will be to insure the accuracy of the
English translation.
Tho plates in this part illustrate agminate lupus vulgaris of
the center of the face, dermatitis herpetiformis, vulvar syphi-
litic chancre, and patchy purpuric erythema appearing in suc-
cessive crops. These plates are beautifully colored reproduc-
tions of the models ; and the Celebrex 100mg text, in each case signed by the
author, describes the condition, gives a history of the case, and
refers to the symptomatology, diagnosis, and methods of treat-
The work promises to be a very useful contribution to the
illustrated literature of skin diseases.
We would advise the publishers, in Purchase Celebrex mailing the parts, to pro-
tect them so that they can not be bent by folding, thus spoiling
the appearance of the plates.
A Booh of Detachable Diet Lists. For Albuminuria, Ansemia,
Debility, Constipation, Diabetes, Diarrluea, Dyspepsia,
Fevers, Gout or Uric-acid Diathesis, Ohesity, Tuberculosis,
and a Sick-room Dietary. Compiled by Jerome B. Thomas,
A. B., M. D., Visiting Physician to tho Home Celebrex 200mg for Friendless
Women and Children, etc. Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders,
1895. [Price, $1.50.]
This collection of diet lists and the accompanying sick-room
dietary 200 Mg Celebrex is a convenience that will be appreciated by the physi-
cian, who Buy Celebrex is so often asked what his patient may eat. A suit-
able form is torn off, additions or alterations may be made if
required, and with little trouble Celecoxib Celebrex the patient's want is supplied.
Transactions of the Antiseptic Cluh. Reported by Albert
Abrams, a Member of the San Francisco Medical Profession.
Illustrated. Celebrex Mg Xew York: E. B. Treat, 1895. Pp. 7 to 206.
[Price, $1.75.]
Humor, like other things, has its varieties, and in the wide
range between that of Rabelais and of Jerome K. Jerome, for
example, there is a field that may be filled by Celebrex Celebrex the variety con-
tained in this volume. It is occasionally Celebrex 200 clever, and one feels
that the author is not without merit, but that is the best we can
say of Celebrex Cost it.
Ectopic Gestation. Its ^Etiology, Classification, Embryolo-
gy, Diagnosis, and Treatment. By J. Clarence Webster, B. A.,
M. D., F. R. C. P. Ed., Assistant Professor of Midwifery and Dis-
eases of Women and Children in the University of Edinburgh.
AVith Eighty Illustrations of Xaked-oye and Microscopic Ap-
pearances. New York : Macmillan & Co., 1895. Pp. xiii-23:3.
[Price, $3.75.]
On Diseases of the Vermiform Appendix. With a Consider-
ation of the Symptoms and Treatment of the Resulting Forms
of Peritonitis. A Dissertation presented to the University of
Oxford for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine in AprU, 1894.
By Herbert P. Hawkins, M. A., M. D. Oxon., F. R. C. P., Assist-
ant Physician to and Lecturer on Pathology at St. Thomas's
Hospital, etc. London and New York: Macmillan & Co., 1895.
Pp. vii-139. [Price, §2.25.]
Atlas of Diseases of the .Skin. In a Series of Illustrations
from Original Drawings, with Descriptive Letterpress. By H.
Radcliffe 200mg Celebrex Crocker, M. D., F. R. C. P., Physician to the Depart-
ment for Diseases of the Skin, University College Hospital,
London. Fasciculus IX. Edinburgh and London : Young J.
Pentland. New York: Macmillan & Co., 1895. [Price, $6 each
Dissections Illustrated. A Graphic Handbook for Students
of Human Anatomy. By C. Gordon Brodie, F. R. C. S., Late
Senior Demonstrator of Anatomy, Middlesex Hospital Medical
School, etc. With Plates Drawn and Lithographed by What Is Celebrex Percy
llighley. In Four Parts. Part IV. The Abdomen. With
Sixteen Colored Plates (two thirds natural size), two of which
are double, and Thirteen Diagrams. London Online Celebrex and New York:
Whittaker & Co., 1895. Pp. 116 to 136. [Price, 10s.]
Affections chirurgicales des membres. Statistique et obser-
vations. Par le Dr. Polaillon, chirurgien de PHotel-Dieu, etc.
Paris: Octave Doin, 1895. Pp. U to 810.
Transactions of the Medical Society of Virginia. Celebrex Buy Twenty-
fifth Session. Richmond, Va.
The Inflaence of Pregnancy upon Dental Caries. By Reu-
ben Peterson, M. D., Grand Rapids, Mich. [Reprinted from the
Dental Cosmos.] Cost Of Celebrex
Our Insane Patients and their Hospital Relations. By
Charles A. Ring, M. D., Buffalo. [Reprinted from the Buffalo
Medical and Surgical Journal.]

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