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Related post: Vanderbilt family, amounting to more than half a million dol-
lars, to be used in enlarging the anatomical rooms, the Vander-
bilt Clinic, and the Generic Flovent Sloane Order Flovent Maternity Hospital, besides addi-
tional sums to equip Order Flovent Online the new portions of Cheap Flovent those departments.
In some of its features, we have reason to think, the anatomical
department is already quite equal to any in the world, and,
with the fresh resources now to be placed at its command, we
see no reason why it should not soon be unsurpassed in every
respect. The school as a whole is admirable and steadily pro-
gressive. As we have often said, it is not the school alone or
even the medical profession that profits by such munificent
gifts, but the whole community as well.
The Medical News, of Philadelphia, closes a review of Dr.

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