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From: Natasha Person
Subject: My LenseMy LenseBy: Natasha E. PersonI saw her golden locks of her hair fall over her face as I looked through
the camera lense. The fluorescent lights flooded her naked body as she
laid across the dining room table of the set that was built ilegal under age porn
the day
before. I snapped hentai under age a few shots and told her to change positions. She
wasn't sure of what position to move into so under ages illegal lollita I had to move her myself. I
sat my camera on my directors chair, which I called my Photographers
chair under age girl porno under aged porn videos
instead. I nonchalantly walk ed up to her. Up close her skin looked
so smooth but also delicate. I feared her delicateness. I suddenly felt
that if I touched her she would fall to pieces or disappear. Beauty like
this didn't even seem real. She looked at me as I studied all of her.
She tilted her head to the side. "So are going to move me?" I shook my
head as if I was trying to get russian under age pix myself out of a trance. "Uh yeah. I'm
going to have you stand up this time." She nodded. She got off of the
table and stood right in front of me. I felt her breath on my lips. It
smelled like mints. It almost seemed like she had expected to be under age boys in my
face. I lifted up her arms and spread her legs open. I felt the warmth of
her pussy hit my hand as I touched her teenie under age
thigh. My hand tingled under aged nude boys as passion
and need clung to my veins and shot under age art nude to every part of me. Awkwardly I
stood up. "Do you always work by yourself? If you don't mind me
asking." She put so much effort into striking up a conversation with me.
"No not usually. Everyone is on a softcore under age
lunch break. When I start something I
don't like to stop until I finish it. Do you want girls under age a break?" I was
hoping she would say no, her aura had captured me. When I picked up my
camera and looked behind the lense I felt instant lust. She
unintentionally made love to my eyes through the lense. But nude under age photos
not by
touching herself, just by being. In between snapping pictures I asked for
her name. "My name is Che." I put down my camera. "that's a cute
name. We are done for the day. Tomorrow we'll be at the other set."
"Alright. Thank under age teen naked
you for this opportunity. Now I have something to add to
my modeling resume." She walked off to her dressing room. I started
packing my stuff in their holders and put freeunder age porn pics them in my trunk. I carried my
trunk to the door and went to Che's dressing room. I knocked on the
door. "Come in." She was tying her sneakers. "Hey bring your red
bikini tomorrow. Also if the guys don't come back before you leave can
you write them a note. I would do it myself but I'm already late."
"Yeah sure." "Thanks." I walked out and closed the door behind me. I
picked up my trunk from near the door and walked to my car. I got in the
car and sat with my head sitting back against the seat. Guilt held my
heart in it's hands. I had a wife and child at home. Was wanting someone
the same as cheating? I looked at the wedding band that lived on my ring
finger. under age girls galleries I read the inscription over and over. Our Love Is Forever, Love
Monica. I wondered what would happen if I did under age free pron give into my temptation. I
started the car and drove home.I pulled into the drive way and picked up my trunk from the passenger
seat. I walked to the door and unlocked it with my key. When I walked in
Monica was sitting on the couch watching the news. She turned around and
smiled. Her smile is what made me want to be with her. When she smiled
she lit under age hentai dvds up the whole room. "Hey baby, how was the shoot?" I smiled even
though my body was heavy with under age asian tgp
worry. "The childs under ages lollita photo shoot went fine. We have
a new model, under age porn sample her name is Che." I sat on the couch and set my head in her
lap. She stroked my head. Then she grabbed two of my dreads and tied them
together like she always does. "Baby you need you hair re twisted. So
what do you want for dinner? I was sexy under age pictures thinking about makin some chicken and
potatoes." Monica always kept talking even after she asked questions.
"Yeah that sounds good. I'm goin to get under age girl my hair done tomorrow before
work. Where's my other favorite person?" I stood up and started to go
upstairs. "She is in her crib sleepin?" I went upstairs and stepped
into my daughters room. She sat up and looked in the door way. She
giggled under aged girls pussy
when she saw me. I smiled. Precious held under age asian porn out her arms as an
indication that she wanted me to pick her up. I picked her up. She layed
her head against my chest. I felt her relax the instant she heard my
heart beat. preeteens under age I sat in the chair next to the window and turned her around
so she could see the view. As we looked out the window Che's reflection
appeared. She blew me a kiss. I started to sweat. Monica came into the
room and looked at under aged porno sex both of us. She took girls under age anal precious from my arms and leaned
down and looked at me. "Why are you sweating? Are you under age girls naked sick. I should
call the doctor." She wiped my under age sexclips forehead with the under age teens topless
back of her hand.
"I'm fine. I'm gonna go to the dark room and develop these pictures."
I went downstairs to the dark room and went to work.I could smell fried under age slut chicken as I hung the pictures up to dry. Monica
knocked on the door. "Hold youngest under age pussy on don't come in yet." I slid the curtain
across the ceiling to protect everything under age from the light that would be
pouring into the room. "Ok come in." She came into the room. She
wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. "Hi big head." I
wrapped my arms around her waste. "Hi bubble butt." I smiled and kissed
her back. She let go off me and walked behind the curtain. "Is this her?
She's pretty, I like her hair. Maybe I should dye my hair that color."
"No you not. You fine the way you are." I said. "Really now?" She
leaned forbidden under age porno against the far wall. "Yeah really." I leaned against the other
wall across from her. I took off my button down under age thumbnails xxx and used it to wipe the
sweat off my forehead. I threw it next to the door. Now all I had to do
was teens under age nude remember to take it and put with the other dirty clothes in the dirty
clothes hamper. "Why are you all the way over there? Come here." I
walked over to her and she hugged me. She rubbed my back and bit my
bottom lip. I kissed her. She held the rim of my jeans. foto under age I lifted the
bottom of her tank top and slipped my hand underneath. Monica put her
right meg up on the table. Her pussy rested on my left under age nud boys
thigh. Her pussy
was never warm it was always cold. I liked feeling coldness against my
skin. The type of sex we had wasn't nude under age teens hot and under age boy porn passionate, it was cold and
passionate. It was a different type of sex under age pornxxx
that I never knew existed
until I met her. I lifted her up with my leg, she sat against the wall. I
took off her tank top. Her breast laid neatly waiting for my mouth. I
took her nipple into my mouth. It rolled around in between my tongue and
my tongue ring. under age toplist The blue tip sex tool that sat in my tongue reflected in
her eyes. She stopped looking under age petit girls
down at me and turned her head to the side.
I moved teen sex under age from her chest to her stomach, then from her stomach to the rim
of her sweatpants. I put my leg down and her feet once again under age teen touched the
ground. Monica wriggled her hips as I pulled them down. She lightly
stepped out of them and I threw them near the door on top of my shirt
.Her coldness sat inches from my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked under age 16 porn
pussy through her under age torrent sex panties. I could taster her pre-cum though the fabric.
She took my ears in nude under aged girls
her hands and tried to pull my face into her pussy
more, but I couldn't go any further. "MMMMM damn baby, wait stop." under age toppless
I didn't stop I kept going. "Nuh uh." I said, muffled. "You're gonna
make me cumm to soon. Go slower. I shoved to fingers into her to make her
shut up and enjoy it. Monica moaned even louder. I pushed my fingers into
her faster and faster. Her back arched. She pushed herself from against
the wall and we both fell to the floor, her pussy was still in my mouth
and my fingers were still going in and out of her. She rode my tongue and
fingers at the same time. I looked up and watched her chest bounce as she
moved.Monica grabbed the top of my head and held it in place. She rode my
fingers until she came. I took my fingers out of her and sucked off her
pussy juice. We pics under age
both stood up and left the dark room. At this time
precious was crying. "I'm going to take a shower. You can feed the
baby." I laughed, I was always the one that had to feed amateur under age porn precious. I
walked into the living under aged slut porn where precious was. I picked her up out of her
play pen and we sat on the couch. I turned the under age teens photos channel to the boohbahs
and we watched that while I fed her. Precious stood in my lap while she
drunk her bottle. under age free porno She looked at me then girls under age naked
turned and looked at the
boohbahs. She started to bounce up and down. I put her on the floor and
she ran up to the TV screen and laid her hand on it. Precious then backed
up from the TV screen and sat and watched.Monica under age pictures xxx
came back downstairs. "Come and get nude photos under age
you food." "alright." I
got up from the couch and naked girls under aged walked over to the kitchen and piled food on under age fucking pics
plate. I went in the living room and ate on the couch. Monica did the
same except she never ate as much as I did. Precious turned around and
came over to us. She opened her mouth and started talking to us. In
unison me and Monica said "You a greedy baby." Monica put some potatoes
on her finger and fed precious some. She scrunched up her face and slid
it around on under age gay porn
her tongue. I laughed. After I finished my food I did the
dishes. "Monie I'm goin for a jog." I put on a sports bra and
sweatpants and my sneakers. "Ok don't be gone to long is getting dark
outside. Don't make me worry about big head." "Yes dear." I jogged
out the door.All I heard was the wind in my ears as I under aged sex pics flew down the block. Sweat
dripped down my breasts as they bounced. I counted sex under age as I ran, in between
my breaths. 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi. I ran around the corner and
through the woods. I stopped at the beginning of the path. naked pictures under age
I pressed the
button on my stopwatch. ok ready go! I said to myself. I naked under age children ran as under age erotic trailers fast as I
could down the 3 mile path. I amature under age
didn't stop until I reached the end. I
jump around in place to help me catch my breath. In the distance not to
far from me I heard the leaves move. I stopped bbs teen under age
and turned all the way
around. I saw a figure running up the hill. I followed in hot pursuit.
She stopped in front of me and I stood not to far from her. As soon as I
saw the golden ponytail I knew who it was. Che turned around and looked
at me. "Why were you following me?" All she did was stare at me.
"Answer me." "I'm sorry I just wanted to see again and teen thumb under age
I couldn't
wait until tomorrow so I followed you home and waited for you. But I
didn't under age russian porn know you were gonna go jogging." "So you were going to sit
outside of my house all night?" "yeah. I'm sorry." Che turned around
and ran off. I followed her again. I caught up to her and pulled into me,
unintentionally. She pulled her face into mine. I closed my eyes, not
wanting to push her away. But I did. "I have a wife and a kid at home I
cannot do russian under age rape this. "I can feel that you want me so just give into it."
"What I want and under age bbs
what I desire are two different things. What I want is
at home but what I desire is standing in under age models nude front of me. In order to get of
my desire I must let it do what it will. She looked confused. "What does
that mean?" "It means I in order to rid myself of my desire I have to
give into it even if its not what I under age lesbian porno want. Come with me." We walked back
to my house. Monica was upstairs laying under age petite girls
down looking at a magazine when I
walked in with Che. "Monica come here." She got up and walked over to
us. "I have a desire that I want you to fulfill. I grabbed che's arm.
"Fuck her brains out while I watch." Monica took che to the bed and
laid her down. I watched as they under age and naked
slid there tongues into each others
mouths. I went to the closet and looked through my collection of straps.
I decided to put in my 9 inch glass little under age porn strap. I took from under age girls porno
the shelf and
strapped it under age virginsunder age teens fucking on. under age bald pussy
I picked up my digital video camera from the night table
and started to record. lesbian teens under age Monica was under age nud models
now eat Che's ass. I walked under aged porn around the
bed and stood in front of Che. She looked me in the eye. "Suck it." kids naked under age
all I said to her. She obeyed. I put the camera up to my eye and watched
her. I grabbed her golden hair with russian under aged pussy my other hand and pulled her head
further into my dick. I heard her gag while I pulled back and forth. I
focused the camera on Monica who was know finger Che's ass. Monica
laughed as she watched Che choke. I pulled my dick from her mouth and
walked to the corner of the room I sat and watched the video camera lense
as Monica made Che scream with pleasure. I sat in sexy under age pic the corner and played
with my dick. I saw Che watching me as she came something xxx under age girls terrible. I
zoomed on her thigh as her cumm came dripping down her leg. I walked over
and licked up. Che moaned as soon and my tongue came in contact with her
skin. She grabbed my head and tried to pulled my face into her pussy.I pulled away from her. Monica climbed off the bed and took the camera
from me. "It's bbs under age porn
your turn baby. Don't hurt her like schoolgirl under age xxx you did the last
one and under age lesb
don't sex her so good that she comes back looking for more, give
her just enough." She kissed me long and hard. "Yes dear." I pulled
Che up to japan under age nude me by her legs and slid my dick inside her. I felt it hit her
walls. Her back arched and she tried to push me out of her. "I climb on
top of her and held her hands down. "Is it too much for you?"
"OOOOOOOOOh god yes. Take it out." Che laid rape under age xxx under me limply. Her eyes
were in the back of her head. She moved around like a rag doll under age fetish porn with every
thrust that I made. She scream out as she came all over my dick, I came
too. I pulled out put my foot on top of the bed. "Lick the cumm out of
my pussy and suck your cumm off my dick." Che slowly got up and crawled
across the sheets and under age porno videos
did what she was told. I turned around and watched
Monica as she watched me through my lense. I watched her finger thrust in
and out of her pussy. She blew my a kiss. "ok under age nudism nudes all the cumm is gone get
off me." I went into the bathroom and washed my dick off with soap and
water. Then I dried it with a towel. I took it off and put back in it
place next to me 10 and rusian under age girls a half inch orange strap.Monica had turned off the camera and was looking trough her drawer for
some panties. Che was laying on the bed. She looked dead. I slapped her
awake. "Get up, get dressed, get out." She did like I said and didn't
look back as she left. "That was under age kids fun baby. When are you going to start
taking shots of the next model?" "In a naked under age models few days. I'll bring the
pictures home then you can decided if the is pretty enough like we always
do." She kissed me and then laid back in bed with nothing but panties
and continued to read her magazine where she left off. I went into the
next room and edited our new masterpiece. Then I made copies and my under age cunt sold to
our clients the next day.You didn't think we were able to afford our house only on the money I
get from my photography job and Monica's job at the hair salon. PLEASE!
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