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From: Greg
Subject: More is Better ch 22More is BetterBy: Photo Guy (
Story Consultant: Drew
Editor and Proofreader: JereThe author copyrights this story, with permission for posting on the Nifty
Archive. It may not be copied to another website without prior permission
from the author.This is a cp thumbnail pedo
fictional story ... any similarities incest pedo forum
to actual people, places,
events or other entities is purely coincidental. The story involves gay
sex between family members and their friends, and is written solely for the
reading enjoyment of people who aren't offended by material of this type!
If you are underage, or this type of material is illegal where virtual pedo movies
you live,
please leave now.***I want to especially thank Drew for all the help he gives me pedophile masterbation videos on the story.
His enthusiasm for the guys is infectious. pedo young pussy And thanks to all of you who
emailed after chapter 21! I always appreciate hearing from my readers,
though I haven't said it much lately. All you guys are the very best!***Way, way back ... when I began to write free pedo movie the first story in this series,
"I'll Suck You", I was trying to determine the best way to write it. I had
always liked the nude pedo picture idea of third person stories, because the person telling
it is all-knowing. But I decided to write it in first person because it is
a more intimate way to tell a story. And this kind of story needs
intimacy, in brutal pedo girl my opinion.The problem with first person, however, is that you only see things from
that one person's perspective. So, I have tried to incorporate the hardcore cp pedo links best of
both, by changing narrators from time to time. I suppose that can be
confusing to the reader, but it does allow you guys to experience things
that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to ... if, say, Chris was the one and
only narrator of russian pedophile the russia pedo porn story.Anyway, I said all that to say this, we are going to have a new narrator in
this chapter, Devon Myers, the neighbor boy. I hope you enjoy what he has
to incest pedo nude
say.Greg***Chapter Twenty-twotristeHey free pedo incest stories ... we're gonna hear from our neighbor, Devon, in this chapter. He
has something he really wants to share with all of us!)When the fifteen-minute timer clicked off the spa motor, we just sat in the
water for a while. I don't think any of us were eager to climb out of the
hot pool, collect our clothes, and race through the cold ... naked and
dripping wet ... into the adjacent building to get dressed. But we were
gonna have to do it, like it or not"Let's get going," David ... who was the oldest in our group by more than xxx cp pedo porn
year ... suggested, with a sigh. And, with his mostly hard, torpedo-shaped
cock leading the way, he climbed out of the hot tub. "Fuckin' shit!" he
exclaimed, dancing from foot to verry young pedo foot, while wrapping a towel around his
hips and collecting his clothes."I guess we gotta," Kaiden commented. "Come on, guys, let's get moving."As one, Eric, Kaiden, and I popped out of the quiet waters of the
now-silent whirlpool. Damn, as great as it been in the water, it was
miserable out of it! The gooseflesh, which had felt amazing while we were
in the tub, just felt cold, as ... whooping and hollering ... we grabbed up
our things. We raced after David, toward the door, and followed him
through it. The dimly lit swimming pool was empty and quiet, except for
the distant, muffled whine of the pool filter."Damn, it feels good in here!" Eric declared, dropping his clothes on a
nearby chaise lounge. Shivering, he pulled off his towel and began to dry
himself."It sure does," I agreed, briskly toweling my wet hair.Being the horny, young teenagers we were, a little cold weather wasn't
going to completely stamp out the sexy feelings that were blowjob pedo
always a part of
our thoughts. But it did put a damper on them for a few minutes. We
dried-off, dressing quickly, before racing across the parking lot and back
yard to free xxx pedofilia videos
the kitchen door. Kaiden pulled open the door, and we followed him
through it.I closed the door behind us."Sounds like the guys are still downstairs playing video games," David
commented, as Chris' voice whooped loudly from the direction of free child pics pedo the kids pedo gratis
followed by a few comments from Tim."Yeah ... you think we should join them?" Kaiden nude child pedo pics asked, with a smile."Um, I don't think so, at least ... ," Eric replied, before laughing, "Hey,
I'm girl pedo nude still hurting here."Even through his jeans, it was obvious his cock was still as hard as a
rock."Me, too," David added. While grabbing his crotch with one hand, he pumped
the air in front of it a couple of yo pedo kds pics times with the other.Laughing, I agreed. "Let's go up to your room, Kaiden, okay?""Sure!" our sexy friend, with the messed-up, wet blonde hair, agreed.Just as the four of us rushed through the kitchen door and into the hall,
Josh stepped out of his office. He was looking down, leafing through a
handful of important-looking papers. He almost heard us too late."Whoa, boys!" he exclaimed in surprise, suddenly looking up. He took a
quick step backward."Hey, Dad!" Kaiden said, as pic pedo porn all of us stopped in our tracks. "We're going
up to my room."Regaining his composure, Josh rested his empty hand on the doorframe to his
right. "Don't you guys stay up TOO late," he answered. "You've got school
tomorrow, pedoland photos free remember.""Yeah, we pedoland baby know," Kaiden laughed, slipping the pedo teen voyeur
thumb of his pedo ptsc
right hand into
the elastic waistband of his sweatpants. "We won't be up all night."Giving out with a fatherly smile, Josh nodded his head."Okay, then. Goodnight, everybody."'Night, Josh,' or something like that, came out of all our mouths, as we
raced each other to the stairs ... and then up them. I made it to the top
first; and I turned to the right, toward Kaiden's room."Hey, where are free pedo tgp you going, Devon?" Kaiden chuckled, from the top of the
stairs. "My room is over here now." He guestbook child pedo nodded yong pedo toward his left; and
laughing harder, he added, "Cole has my old room. At least, he's SUPPOSED
to!"All the other guys laughed knowingly."But I don't think Cole has even been in his bedroom since he moved in,"
Kaiden added, with a sexy twinkle in his large, brown pedo sex vombat eyes.Smiling broadly, while shrugging my shoulders, I commented, "I bet you're
right about that!" before following the other pedo paradise cp guys into Kaiden's new room."So are both of you guys in here now?" David asked, glancing around the
bedroom. The pedo free clips walls were still almost bare ... with only a couple of
Kaiden's many posters already hung ... so, obviously, he hadn't finished
setting it up yet."Not yet," Eric replied, nodding toward the bathroom. "I'm next door
... and I've still got a room in Ben and Tina's house, too.""For now, at least, Eric's got the room next to mine," Kaiden snickered.
He pulled off his sweatshirt, before flopping down on his queen-sized bed.
"But we've been sharing a lot, lately.""Sounds like fun," David said, unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it aside.
The smooth, dry, dark brown skin on fuck pedophilia his torso looked so warm and inviting,
as he kicked off his shoes and joined Kaiden. "Especially, since tiny teen virgin pedo
you guys
are boyfriends, and all.""Yep, it's awesome!" the manager of our recently disbanded middle school
football team responded.I smiled to myself, at how awesome it was that Tim and his boys now lived
with Josh. I gotta tell pedo child stories you, I was sure a different person from the
fearful kid I used to be ... back when Kaiden, Ryan, and the guys moved to
the J bar A ... and I first met them. I mean, back then, even Ryan
... who's a couple kdz pedo art
of months younger than teeny porn pedolola me ... had started to get bigger
between his legs. But everybody had accepted me for the undeveloped guy I
was ... and still am, sadly ... even though all of them had already entered
puberty.They could have laughed when they saw my tiny cock, but they didn't. By
accepting my russian pedophilia free pics
predicament, they even made me feel good about myself.Toeing off my sneaks, I joined the other three guys on the bed. We
wrestled for a while, like boys sometimes do. All of us were having SO
much fun! I swear it was just an accident, but once ... when David had me
in his vice-like grip, his body on top of mine ... my hand brushed across
the bulging front of his pedo index pussy pics jeans. My friend groaned deeply."David, I think your guy is trying to tell us something," I stated,
laughing. "I think he wants to have some fun!""Yeah, it wants to be unloading up your ass, Dev," he replied, grabbing me
around the waist for a second, before pulling my sweatshirt over my head.
"Hey, I pedo family twins LIKE what I see there," David added, licking his lips, pedo webcams in a sexy
way. Without any hesitation, he took hold of both my pants legs. Quickly,
he tugged them off my legs and tossed them aside.I lay there completely naked, as David slipped out of his jeans. David had
the body pedo hentai fotos any eighth grade boy in his right mind would die for: deep
all-over tan; just the right amount of pit hair; perfectly shaped legs,
nicely covered in silky, dark brown fur; and smallish, but thick, pubes
crowning a throbbing, torpedo-shaped uncut cock. Just a touch of muscle
definition ... when he flexed or strained ... in his upper arms and chest
competed pedo galery dark the package.Wow, was he ever one hot guy!I might have still had a little boy's cock, but it was like a steel spike.
The feelings coursing through that "V" spot under the head were nothing
short of amazing, as my eyes pored over the awesome body of my friend."Shit, yeah, man!" I exclaimed, spreading my legs some. Suddenly, I
remembered a favorite scene from the DVD my brother kept hidden under his
mattress ... except for when we were watching it, that is.'Hmmmm,' I wondered, before asking, "Hey, do you guys wanna try something?"Excitedly, I told my friends about the scene from alfa pedosex index Jared's porn video, and
asked them if they wanted to go for it."Sure!" Kaiden answered, while Eric nodded 'yes'."I get to have the most fun part," David commented. "So, of course, I
wanna take a stab at it!"I laughed at illegal pedo toplist
David's choice of words, but, honestly, I thought MY part was
going to be the most fun.While David lay crossways in the middle of the bed, lubing-up his
pulsating, love tool, Kaiden put his arms under my left shoulder and left
leg. Eric did the same with my right, and, laughing and joking, with cocks
pointing skyward, my two friends lifted me off of the bed. Carefully, Eric
walked over the messed-up sheets to David's right, before he and Kaiden
spread my legs. And squatting boys naked pedo some, they lowered my ass over David's
midsection, holding me suspended in midair.Eric laughed. "Stick it up inside him, David.""Yeah, poke it in him hard," Kaiden agreed, smirking like crazy."Oh, I'm gonna," David promised, as I felt him swiping his steely dick over
my most private part. Suddenly, when I felt the tip of his cock head
against my anus, he realized he had found what he was searching for. From
all the times my older brother, Jared, had fucked me, I knew to relax my
sphincter; and, as David thrust his hips upward, mightily, he rammed his
dick into me."Fuckin' shit, David," I cried in a loud voice, because of the board pedo boys
It was the first time I could remember using those words, though my brother
uttered them all the time, whenever he fucked me. pedo magazine nude pic I glanced from Kaiden to
Eric, who were straining to hold me in position, before leaning my head
back until I was looking at the ceiling.Fortunately for me, pedo nude cp I've always enjoyed having a cock up my ass. Without
any warmup to speak pedo picturs
of, David began to rabbit fuck me, bucking his hips
upward pedoporn pics with abandon. And I gotta tell you, the sensations on my body were
nothing short of amazing! The skin of hands, arms, hips ... and
especially, hard cocks ... belonging to Eric and Kaiden pressed up against
me, while David urgently rubbed his hands pedo nude korean girls
over my videos pedofilias
shoulders and back. The
twin was a fucking machine, let me tell young pedo forum you!I took my prick between my fingers and began to jack it furiously.Unfortunately, though, after too short a time, Eric declared, "Damn it
... I can't hold you anymore, Devon."Awkwardly, I slipped out of his hands, causing Kaiden to let go of me, too.
Both guys stood there grinning at videoclip pedo me for a second, as I lay on top of
David, with his manly cock all the way up my boyish ass. It didn't faze
David, though; he never seemed to miss a beat. As I bent my knees around
his legs, he wrapped his arms around my chest. porn hart pedo His cock just kept pedophilie free gallery
love to my ass.I sure can't say I paid much attention to Kaiden and Eric ... because the
feelings of skin-on-skin, as I lay on top of David, chat pedo kds were amazing ... but I
did notice Kaiden kneel on the bed, beside me, as Eric mounted him from
behind. Those two seemed to be having loads of fun, as David reached over
my leg and grasped my erect penis between the thumb and first two fingers
of his right hand. With a pedoland address definite purpose in mind, he began a fast
jacking pics of pedo sex motion.Lots of times, I'd been unhappy I still had a little-boy cock. But while
some guys couldn't cum more than once ... or maybe, twice in a row ... that
wasn't something I'd ever really thought about, since I didn't shoot like
older boys, yet. naked pedofilia In no time, David gave me my second orgasm in the past
half hour, and I was well on the way to my third, when I felt David's cock
swell in my ass."Oh, fuck, Devon; I'm cummin'!" David cried out, filling my ass with his
seed, while thrusting into me as deeply as he could. "Nnnnh, nnnnh, nnnnh,
nnnnh."Suddenly, he was silent beneath pedofilia comics free
me, as I felt his body relax completely."Man, pedo site kidz that was WAY awesome!" he exclaimed, wrapping his arms around me and
holding me tight to him. He was still thrusting with his dick, but just
barely.I turned my face to his, and David and I kissed ... something that dark pedo pics Jared
was never interested in doing with me ... before the incredibly sexy guy
beneath me took hold of my rock-hard cock head again. He stroked my
throbbing prick, bringing me right to the edge of what I expected would be
another mind-bending climax. pedo boys pics My body pedo little sex tensed in anticipation. kids vombat pedo toplist I waited
... and waited ... and waited ... AND WAITED, as David held me right on the
edge, barely touching my boyish dick.I was dying there! But it was a wonderful agony, if you know what I mean.
I began to thrust my hips upward and pull them back, stimulating my cock
between David's fingers ... and that was all it took."Oh, yeah, man!" I cried out. The burning, tingling sensation began in
that special point at pedo forums the base of my dick head, before quickly coursing
throughout my hairless, tanned body. The feelings were SO amazing, as I
stretched out my legs as far as they would go ... and then, tried to
stretch them further. I'd enjoyed plenty of orgasms before, but none had
been like this one, let me tell you!"That rocked pedo photo pics big time, David," I added, with a big smile. "Thanks!""Hey, Dev, I enjoyed it, too," he said, chuckling. "You're a lot of fun to
be with.""So are you," I declared, before kissing him again."Hey, Eric, looks like we've got a couple of lovebirds in bed with us,"
Kaiden laughed."Yeah," Eric agreed.I had forgotten all about Eric and Kaiden! Both of them were just lying on
the bed beside us, heads propped-up on black pedo pussy their arms, watching."Fuck you, Kaiden ... and you, too, Eric," David replied, rolling both him
and pedo child forum me so kdz pedo porn we could look at the other guys."Eric already did that," Kaiden quipped in answer. "We got done a long
time ago; and we've just been watching you two have fun."Damn ... I didn't russian rompl pedo
know we had pedoporn kiddy been going at it so long! pedo phots girls Or, maybe, it just
didn't take Eric long to cum. Whatever the reason, however, after we made
last minute trips to pedo child funlumpkins video the bathroom, Kaiden set the alarm and turned out the
room lights. In no time, the four of us were falling asleep in each
other's arms.***Except for a few brains, I don't think many kids enjoy report card days at
school. I mean, I'd always been an average to just above average student
... and I HATED getting my quarterly grades! They only served to make my
parents push me harder to do something I didn't like to begin with.Near the end of first period PE, Coach dismissed us to the locker room,
with instructions to reassemble on the bleachers a few minutes before the
bell rang. Coach tersely barked out our names, quickly handing out our
grade cards and dropping them on the gym floor, if we didn't hustle to
collect them. Several slips of paper fluttered to the polished hardwood
that morning. As far as pedo free pics I could tell, all my friends were happy with their
grades in gym ... I know I was. Coach taught all the boys' physical
education classes at our school; and, while I didn't know how he graded the
non-players in the other little young teens pedo
classes, it seemed that real pedo pics free all us football players
got pretty good marks.Of course, that was pedo sex thumbs gym class; unfortunately, I didn't do as well in my
others. After the final pedo pics photo
bell sounded that Monday afternoon, I took my
jacket out of my locker and slung my book bag pedo pussy
over my young girl pedo rompl
shoulder. As I was
walking toward my little girlz pussy pedo
bus, I noticed David and his brother Carlos, Ryan, Eric,
and Kaiden standing just inside the front door of the school, talking.
Since we didn't have afternoon classes together, I hadn't seen any of them
since before lunch.Ryan saw me, and called my name."Hey, guys," I hollered, above the din of the frenzied, end-of-day rush,
and hurried toward them.Obviously, pedo upskirts Eric was talking to Kaiden about his grades."Well, they could russian girls pedo have been worse," Kaiden shrugged, sensibly saying what
any middle school boy would tell another about less-than-good report cards."Not much," Eric replied, dejectedly. "Ben and Tina are gonna hate me.""Do you REALLY gallery pedo sex
think they're gonna HATE you because of 'Cs' and one 'D+'?"
Kaiden asked, curling his arm around Eric's slight shoulders."Hey, and you got an 'A-' in PE," Ryan chipped in, using an extra-cheery
voice. "That ought to count for SOMEthing.""I hope," Eric said, trying to smile. "But I don't know; I just don't
know." He slowly shook his head from side to side. pedo teens pussy
"And just about every
grade card says the teacher wants naked black pedo to meet with my parents, because they
know I can do better.""Yeah, some of mine have that on them, too," I added, telling Eric I knew
how he felt. We talked for a sec, but I pedo teens porn had to catch the bus. "Well, I'll
see you guys in the morning." Then I had a thought. "Maybe pedo free children give me a call
tonight, Eric, okay?""Sure, Devon," he answered. "I'll try to, if they don't ground me without
my phone, or something.""That'd be the pits," I agreed, shaking my head. "Well, see you guys
later.""I'll walk with you to the bus," David offered, smiling."Cool!" I gladly took him up on his offer.As we were ambling away from our friends, some girls stopped to say a few
words to them."Dev, I just wanted to tell you, again, how much fun I had last night," my
brown-skinned friend commented, as we began the short walk toward the bus
loading zone."Me, too," I replied, sincerely, before having another thought. Laughing
on the inside, but keeping a straight face, I added, "I wish you were
better in bed, though."David turned an pedo search engines
incredulous face to mine, before both of us burst out
laughing!"Hey ... maybe I just need more practice," David stated, still smiling
broadly."Maybe BOTH of us do," I offered.All of a sudden, my tiny cock was rock hard. Without thinking, I reached
down there, pinching the head. As we talked, cp porno illegal pedo I pedo galleri
rolled it between my
fingers, making it feel really good"Sounds like a plan to me," David agreed, as we pushed the panic bars on a
couple of doors. A row of identical school buses sat at the curb. "Any
time you wanna get together is good with me.""Me, too," I smiled.I stopped for a moment, right in the middle of the sidewalk. If it
wouldn't have pedo 13 sex boy been for the throng of our fellow students pedo angells getting ed
moving past us, I
would have kissed David right then and there. But instead, I just told him
I'd see him in the morning. I was excited, though. Let me tell you
... was I EVER excited!***Well, I'm going to end chapter 22 with those words. I hope all of you
enjoyed hearing from Devon. I know I sure did! Why don't you let me know?
( you would like to join the Yahoo! Group for my stories, you can do that
here: little girls pedo nude And if teen girls pedofilia you've never
read the earlier stories in this series, you might enjoy them. They're
also in the Gay/Incest area of the Nifty Archive."I'll Suck You" - Final Post Date: June 25, 2007
"I've Got the Best Family" - Final Post Date: May 23, 2008
"Us Guys" - Final Post Date: May 29, 2009Or you can go to the "Prolific Authors" tab and scroll down to cp chill pedo kdz my pen name
... Photo Guy.Have a great week, guys! Greg
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