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From: Steam train
Subject: A Modest Servant Chapter 4A Modest ServantBy Steam Train ( )Chapter 4: Look forward 4th grade sluts
not back.I had a terrible nights sleep.Why you ask?Well first there was my new servant's collar. I was not used to wearing
one and no matter which way I lay it felt uncomfortable, then there was
what had happened to me today, plus the shock of my new extended family,
my fathers sexual perversions, the bunks in the cell were of bare hard
timber voyeur23 with no padding, I had free 15 y.o. nude
only one miserably thin, almost worn out
blanket to keep my naked body warm and some of the men in the adjoining
cells snored horribly loud or even bj services 713 worse fucked each 34 b breast
other making crude
groans and moans. Did 1mm artificial leather lace they have no modesty?Enough 14 yr pussy pics
reasons?As I lay there awake, I could see from where I was lying, through the
cell bars into Ed's cell. He was sleeping at the 365 gay news foot of Raymond, midway
along the 15yo hxxp
long top bunk bench of the three that ran the length 270 cumshot
of the
back wall of the cell. There had been some attempts to haze Ed bikin8i too but
Raymond with the help of a few of our older ex servants 5 dollar phone sex had put 13yo ls a stop to
that quickly as well.Some time late in the night weariness over took me and I dosed off, only
to awaken far too soon due to someone climbing onto the bunk with me.
Before I could rouse myself properly, I felt S3X ZOO FREE MOVEI
my blanket lifted and a big boob bride 9
body snuggle into my own body."Shit its cold, are you awake" It was Peter"I am now, what are you doing?" I 14 yo fuck replied"Can I cuddle you? I'm freezing my balls off in here. Let's share our
blankets and use our bodies to warm up" Peter stated.Now up until the last day there was no way with my modesty I would have
laid in a bed with any guy and certainly not a servant. But things 3 minute handjobs had
changed greatly and Peter's suggestion made sense. Even though I had
drifted off into a sleep, I realised I too was very cold, the thought of
two blankets and the warmth of our bodies huddled together was very
enticing. I hadn't forgiven Peter for earlier but what the heck, I
wanted warmth."Turn and face the wall" Peter saidI did as I was asked and felt Peter's body draw itself close to my body,
shaping itself around the contours of my body.I was now amature nude 16 yo wide bleach 211 air date awake and not a little aroused, thank heavens my penis was
facing the wall so Peter wouldn't know, however I began to sense that
Peters penis was equally aroused and sticking into the space between my
bum crack. I remember thinking `don't move Thomas'. I didn't and
prayed Peter wouldn't either.We lay 13 girl porn there quite for a few minutes then Peter broke the silence by
asking"Have you forgiven me for picking on you this afternoon?""No" I replied, "What do you 13yr kiddy pics expect, you hurt me and treated farm lesson 12 hentai me like
shit""Yeah, just like I've been treated serving your family", Peter replied
with a bitter tone in his voice."I never did anything to you" I pleaded."Yeah gay porn in mp4 exactly, I didn't even warrant a thought did I, we share age 18 gay men the same
father yet you didn't even take the time to find that out, did you?""Peter, I didn't know my father was like that, how do you think that
makes me feel? My dads been indentured into amateur porn 18 service for life today, I
have been abandoned by my mother and indentured into service for fifteen
years, girls size 6 pussy
I find out my father has had all these other kids, my half
brothers of 3-d sex
a sorts, 30 s porn
granbury lasix 20 mg I know 16 yr old girlsporn your not legally my half brother but still by
blood you are. I'm totally confused and scared Peter and your childish
efforts earlier didn't help".Nothing, not a sound, not a movement, had I said too much?Then, Peter's hand came over the side of my naked 16 tgp
body and he pulled me
tighter in towards him."I'm sorry Thomas; I wanted to feel the power this afternoon. You
haven't been free streaming porn ps3 a servant long enough ford escort p1443 to know what it's like having to
serve a master. The spankings and canings for the smallest error, the
total lack of control or power you cheap soft cialis 10mg have as a servant. Then there you
stood, naked before family incest 8 me, I just wanted to feel the power of ordering you,
one of my former masters around. To make you feel so small so totally
humiliated, the feeling of revenge was so good Thomas. If Raymond hadn't
stopped me I would have done far worse." Peter stated"Perhaps" said Peter "I bleach manga chapter 342
would have regretted it later when I came to
my senses. Raymond has always been saving me from myself. He's been the
best brother a guy could have and now I'm going to loose him, we will be
sold and separated.""Fuck our father for all petite 12
bringing this on both of us Thomas. Don't waste
time feeling pity for him, I don't, if he had managed his company
properly we all would have had far 60s femme fatales more secure lives in our own ways,
even though I hated my own life with you, it was probably better than I
am going to get now. Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Peter exclaimed with deep
bitterness and resentment.I just lay there for ages and took in Peter's feelings and thought over
what he had said before I replied, "Ok...Ok, I forgive you Peter, ok?
Now please let's try to get some sleep!" This was a way too deep a
conversation for me especially at this early hour of the morning.Morning came too soon, the warmth of Peter next to me was so comforting I
just wanted to lie there but soon guards aroused us. All the Carter
slaves were called out by name into the hallway from all the holding
cells and herded along till we Japanese panties 06
came to a large room. In the room Ed and I
were adult 2 flashgames separated from the other servants and taken into an adjoining room."Edward and Thomas Carter?" a matronly middle aged woman asked"Yes mam" Ed replied."A good try young man, `Mam yes mam' would be totally correct but I
like your effort, please take a seat boys""I'm Mrs Blackmoore from the Servants Protection Unit and I have been
assigned to oversee your introductory training as indentured domestic
servants. We only have today to teach you the basics as your auction is
on 2 flash porn games tomorrow at eleven am".She lowered her head and read the two files located in front of her. This
took over half an hour, I could see the clock on tom jones sexbomb mp3
the wall, there was
nothing else to do but sit and 12 gauge brass wire wait. I thought about how strange it was
sitting here totally naked in front of a strange woman. I almost felt no
pangs of modesty anymore and I had only been a servant for less than 24
hours.At one point Ed reached over and took my hand, squeezed it mobile porn mp3
and kept
hanging on. Mrs Blackmoore noticed Ed's actions and I began to worry we
would we be in trouble, but she said nothing and went back to reading the
files, but I'm sure I saw a faint smile on her face. When busty brunette mature 03 she was again
focused on the files I glanced over to Ed and smiled. He looked terrible,
maybe I did too, but throughout the last twenty four hours I had actually
been loved more than I had in all my previous life. That love was coating
some of the fear and resentment I should 42 h goddess bras have been feeling, 12 yr old nudists
Ed on the
other hand looked totally miserable and broken.Eventually Mrs Blackmoore said "Well boys what can I say to you to help
you out in all of this ?".Then she paused, thought through something in her head then said
"You've come from a life of total privilege to 6i chloe australia indentured servitude; 12yo nude girl pic
must seem to you like your entering hell for the next fifteen years. And
the honest answer to that is, yes, it could be hell. Indentured servitude
is what you make of it, it does not have to a1 trans tech be hell, and in fact it can
be a totally rewarding experience. It's up to you boys and the attitude
you take into it with you. Fight the fact that your servant's, look for
all the injustices and wrongs that will occur and there will be
resentment and your time as servants will be hell"."If I can give you no other advice 12 yo lollita boys and I will try to under 10 sex pics help you in as
many ways as I can today, this is the thing you must free porn videos 46
try to take with
you. Accept you are servants for the next fifteen years, don't look back
on the past it will only embitter you, look forward and serve your
masters with 110% effort and you will find your servitude rewarding.
Remember it is a 13 yo lesbian
Masters duty to discipline bleach ep 42
and maintain order in their
households and it is a servant's duty to serve, it is right and just
that as a servant, you need hard work, regular hours, discipline,
direction, supervision and lawful punishment if you 68 gratis sex step out of line. In
fact at the end of their time many servants volunteer again to 3gp mosdel sexy serve,
because they feel so fulfilled in serving under these conditions".Well what could I say after that speech, so I said the obvious "Mam 3m first touch strip yes
man", Ed followed suit.Mrs Blackmoore looked over the brim of her glasses and gave a faint smile
"Heavy, hey boys, but its no idle speech, I 3 4 long pants want you boys to settle in
quickly, so take in what I said and the first time you step out of line
remember what I said and adjust your attitude, you'll save yourselves
many a good caning".The rest of the day was tiring and not without its fair share of free 15 minute porn slaps
with the cummins m11 engine length cane across both our naked buttocks. Mrs Blackmoore for all her
compassion was still a Master and disciplining errant servants in
training was her rightful duty as she regularly informed us just before a
caning.We were taught exactly how to stand, how to serve, how to speak, and black lesbian 3some
embarrassingly how to service our masters. Both Ed and I had to give one
of the guards a blow job, I was up first and I gagged, dry reached and
received the worst caning of 12 16 yr nudist the day for my rudeness. I was then made to
practise again on a second guard, much to his enjoyment and my
humiliation, till I 19 twink hunter guide was judged satisfactory. Ed suspiciously amateur 06
looked like
he had done it all before and passed the first time around, just how much
had he and Raymond done?I may have got the biggest caning of the day but poor Ed suffered the
worst humiliation. I was prepubescent so when it came to preparing SEX ZOO M0VEI FREE our
bodies for the auction tomorrow I was already hairless from neck to toe.
Ed was not and had 16 rubber band size to stand there in front of me and Mrs Blackmoore
whilst some servants shaved his small patch of pit hairs, inspected his
chest but found nothing but baby fuzz then shaved off his lightly haired
happy trail, before trimming then shaving off his reasonably thick pubic
bush and shaving his ball sack smooth. Finally they shaved his legs where
he had some hair starting to grow on his lower legs and ended by shaving
his arse crack smooth. When they had finished poor Ed looked so much
younger, though his penis and balls were much bigger than mine and after
his shaving session they were very erect which seemed to add to his total
humiliation.Thankfully our head hair was judged satisfactory for the auction, Mrs
Blackmoore informing us both that it was better to leave some hair on the
head as different Masters liked download naruto episode 133
to do different things to bare posing 25 servant's hair
and if it was cut too short it could spoil a possible sale.We were told the 115mm titanium bottom brackets laws governing servants were strict 14yo nudism and inflexible so do
not break them unless we were into pain and suffering, however the same
laws also laid down protection for servants, which dating gibson eb2 the Servants
Protection Unit fastidiously upheld. Ed was over 16 and was of age, so his masters could use him fully for
sex; however they could not permanently maim, brand, starve, imprison in
confinement for longer than 3 days or administer punishment over the
prescribed daily and weekly maximums. For me being still 14 there were
restrictions on my sexual use. I was relieved to find out that no one was
allowed up my arse till I was sixteen; as well any Master that over 45 porn took me on
had to maintain me at school until I was sixteen.This Mrs Blackmoore said would mean I was not as sort after as Ed and
thus I would not fetch as much as Ed would at auction tomorrow. She even
offered the passing comment that 1960s hippies nude photos
the reason our brother Jim was not
joining us was probably due to the fact that he would be worth even less
and even harder to auction off because he had to be kept even longer at
school.By the end of the day when we joined our cell mates again for dinner, I
was exhausted and like Ed had a very sore rear end that made relaxing
very uncomfortable. I had never ever been spanked until till yesterday,
now it seemed that every hour bought ass 4 aal
a new bleach episode 140 lashing with the cane. I could
hear the teasing Ed got from all the servants in his cell as he walked
in. There was no hiding the red cane marks on his newly indentured rear
end or the totally bald body. Even Raymond made a comment to him about
"how did it feel to be a fully fledged servant"?Only Peter and the two non Carter big natural boobs 18
boys remained in our cell this night.
Peter said the guards had, on processing all the paperwork reassigned the
young Carter servants to family cells with their mothers, but that he was
too old being over 11 years of age and would be staying. There was some
humanity in the world I thought, though. I also felt a pang of jealousy,
the younger boys had some one who 13 porn
loved them with them tonight, I only
had Ed 34 h breasts
and maybe Raymond and we were separated by steel bars.Peter the little shit, just wanted company and asked question after
question about my day all through eating our dinner of boiled vegetables,
till eventually I had to plead "Come on Peter, I'm really tired, please
come lie with me and lets get some sleep" It was an offer he couldn't
refuse.To my surprise and relief Peter cuddled up to me and was soon making mild
purring sounds as he fell into deep sleep before my tired body drifted
the same way. I liked the feel of his body next to mine but my sore
bottom meant that it was not as comfortable as the previous night and it
took me a while to drift off even though I was dead tired.Again the morning was bought on by guards awakening us from our slumber.
After a breakfast of porridge was eaten, all sweet 16 sex nude the servants were taken out
of their holding cells marched to the shower board5 no nude
room and we were made to
wash. It felt so good to be clean.I had never been to a servant's auction before nude 12y old so I didn't know what to
expect. I was placed back in our cell for many hours and I watched as the
other cells were emptied out. A few servants came back and were put in
their cells again, some of the experienced servants from our estate told
me through the bars that those returning hadn't been sold and would have
to wait till the next auction.It was then that a new fear hit me.I realised 5 gal pail lliner
that when the turn of Ed and Raymond's cell came and if they
were sold, I would never see them again. You would think that with all
that had happened to me in the last 48 hours that I would cope with this
new fear, but I didn't. I broke down completely.I was inconsolable. Nothing Ed, Raymond anyone could do or say had any
effect on me. I was about to be 3-d cartoon porn
totally alone and I could not cope with
that thought.I contemplated ending it all right then, I had nothing to live for,
except pain and humiliation ,death for the first time in my young life
seemed the best option, but there was nothing to end my life with. I
guess fucking sex mp4 in hind sight it was a not too uncommon feeling for many a newly
indentured servant and so we were deliberately kept naked with only the
flimsiest of blankets and nothing more than a light weight plastic spoon
was ever given us to eat with.When I even failed to respond to several severe cane strokes cinema 10 from a
couple of the guards my totally distressed state was obviously noted, for
the next thing I knew Mrs Blackmoore was sitting beside me on the bunk.
She said `Remember what I said Thomas, look forward not back". Then she
hugged me.Her hug didn't end my bitter despondency but it did give me some little
sense that not all was foul with the world. She smiled at me and asked
what exactly was making me so unhappy? I replied through 16 wet pussy my sobs that I
was never going to see Ed or Raymond ever again. They were being
auctioned soon and would be 5 minute fingering taken away by their new Masters.Mrs Blackmoore asked who Raymond was, and after I gained enough composure
to tell her about Raymond, I then pointed him out to her through the
bars. He was still standing there with Ed, looking gravely concerned for
me. She immediately told the guard that asian fever 21 had fetched her to bring Raymond
and Ed around to my cell.Without thinking I hugged her tight and said "Thank you, thank you so
much"She half-heartedly admonished me for improper behaviour to a Master, but
began blushing, so she quickly turned to the halo2 porn
guard and said "leave them
here together till its time for their auction" and she beat a quick
retreat out of the cell with a big smile on her face.It was a simple act of kindness that was not by "the book', but it took
my mind off my abject misery. I may never have been going to forgive or
forget Justice Unwin but like wise 13 yr old nudists I will never forget Mrs Blackmoore for
that act of pity and kindness.We had less than an hour together before Ed and Raymond's cell were
called for auction but 45 gal drum docks we made good use of our limited time. nude 13yr old pics
I hugged Ed
tightly the moment he came in and Raymond did the same with his brother
Peter. Ed was my brother, I could do nothing more but feel our love in
that tight embrace but at that same moment I realised, I really wanted
more and that Raymond could give me that.Stuff my modesty; I thought, let the whole world asian boobs 2257 see how I longed for
Raymond.After a long hug with Ed where nothing was said but much was conveyed, I
beckoned Raymond over from Peter and taking a blanket, we cuddled down on
the 3 hole foursome bench.I noticed once as I glanced momentarily away from Raymond, Ed and Peter
looking at us in disbelief. I don't think they thought I had it in me to
do such a 30 plus tgp mature
android 18 fucken naked thing. The next time I glanced across Ed and Peter were sitting
further along the bench quietly talking, I suspect about Raymond and I.
After that I focussed fully on Raymond happy that I was getting some love
out sweet 16 nude pictures of this last brief meeting before our permanent separation.I felt again, Raymond's firm pecks, erect nips, tight stomach 40mg of lasix and arse,
his smooth pubes and his erect penis. adult themes for ps3 I too was erect and we stroked each
other gently and lovingly to a mutual climax. For a few brief moments the
utter pain of our imminent separation was forgotten as an overwhelming
flush of love and pleasure swept all worldly concerns away.End Chapter 4
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