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From: iaSoN MiNK
Subject: My Funky Avatar part 1This is hot 12 yr pussy a work of gay erotic fiction. All similarities in real life
including the band are unintentional and purely coincidence. This work is
copyrighted by the author and may not be copied or distributed in any form
without the written permission of the author, who may be contacted at:
minkiasonyahoo.comMY FUNKY AVATAR part 1"Come on, Ryan, you know you want to," Sam encouraged me, waving in front
of my face two tickets to the concert of Avatars, our favorite band."As much as I would like to, Samantha," I sighed and bowed my head, "I got
lots of things to do. Besides, don't you have a boyfriend? It's his
responsibility to go with you 2 dicks on 1 in cases like this, you know.""Do I smell jealousy here?" Sam asked playfully. "I may have a boyfriend
but you still are bleach 241 my best friend. Lawrence will be out of town for the
weekend, so I guess I'd take you instead for some quality time."She puffed her 3 min porn clips
cheeks big wet tits 4 and stared at me with her puppy eyes, trying to
change 18th birthday fuck
my mind. But that won't happen, since I already had 12 yr naked girls plans. I
regretted having to pass up an opportunity like that, though. She was
pouting when I returned my gaze to her."Thanks for the offer, Sam," hardcore 18 mature porn I apologized, "but Mr. Gonzales will fire me
if I filed another absence, especially on a weekend where we usually get
busy.""You're using your job again as an excuse, eh," she said, disappointed.
Then, she looked at me and flashed a bright smile as if she won the lottery
or something. "You don't have to worry about that. 38 st latinos
I've taken care of it.""What do you mean? Do you plan on having someone to work in my place?" I
asked her sarcastically."No, you idiot," Sam 16 plus sex pics replied. "I requested your boss porno 15yo to boy nude 15 give 14 nude girls you some free
time, that's all. Ryan, you've been working your ass off since you started
almost a year ago and I think you 40 porn tube
deserve a break. Mr. Gonzales agrees
with me, too.""Is there a male out there you can't manipulate to do your will, huh?" I
conceded. 15 16 yo nude
I could see how dangerous Samantha really is. She's beautiful
and intelligent. 36 c porn13-17 non-nude The worst part is, she knows it, and she flaunts it."I believe he's not born yet," Sam said proudly. "By the way, we need to
bring their CDs if we 15yo tits jpg
want to get them signed. The members of Avatars are
all hot, 14yr bukkake you know. I don't mind being close to them.""Whatever," I FREE ZOO M0VEI SEX shrugged. I under 17 wet pussy actually had a list of excuses on my mind but
dismissed all of them, knowing that against my best friend, it's futile.
My plans, therefore, were also put aside."Okay, Ryan," she waved as she walked away. "I'll see you on Friday night."A faint smile formed on my lips when I knew she was gone. I identified the
feeling as excitement. I was beginning to nudeboys 10 jears old
think I could actually enjoy a
major event such as this one, especially 55and older where it involves my favorite
band. I was feeling nervous when Friday afternoon came, like I'm a girl
going out on her first date. Frankly big daddy 260 atv
speaking, it was my first date. I
really was not the social type. This didn't necessarily mean I didn't have
friends; it's just that I prefer spending time alone. dbz 07 However, not sex teacher 3gp going
to occasions where you mingle with others meant that my fashion sense is
more than obsolete."Sam here," my best friend said when I called her up."You need to help me with my clothes," I Ultram 180 Cod complained. "It's Ryan.""I know," her voice filled with confidence. "Sometimes I wish you were gay
so you could be independent on things like this.""Oh yeah, that's why I'm asking a gay woman like you to help me out," I
chuckled. I knew she was joking on that last remark, 20 in penis
and I knew she would
be annoyed with mine."I am about to go to your place anyway, to make sure you bring your Avatars
CD," she said. "I'll meet you in a few. Bye."I looked at my 2 cocks per pussy reflection on the mirror in my aphex twin future mp3
room. There's not much to
say, because, well, I looked ordinary. Samantha told me I'm handsome but I
knew she illegal girl 15yo said that to control me. I realized ford escort zx2 rims that she had been successful
penetrating my life since now we're best friends. Aside from her, no one
ever gave a comment on how I was physically, and maybe that's because I
always maintained this introvert attitude.I turned my gaze at naked 14yo
the Avatars poster on my bedroom wall and that's what
I'll call handsome. Even for a straight guy like me I knew when I see a
hunk. I thought that if I were gay I'd fall for one of them, but since I'm
not, that'll leave me as an ordinary die- hard fan.It took only ten minutes before Sam was in my front door, and the moment 13yo girl pics
opened it she headed straight to my bedroom, without speaking a word. She
began picking what clothes I should wear for the concert."Are you still mad at 12 yo sex pics me?" I asked while offering her a glass of iced tea."Nope," she replied, not averting her eyes. "It's because we're going to be
late if we don't hurry up. Remember to put your CD in my bag."I obeyed her like a loyal pet. She ordered me to put on this and that and
smiled with 08 cummins fuel mileage what she saw. I guessed I had been brainwashed."Where's your CD?" she asked me for the final time while we headed out the
door."It's in your bag, my queen," I answered sarcastically. I knew she was
excited. We both were. After the Avatars' concert, my heart was racing.
It was as if I stopped breathing from the time they started. Sam and I
shared contented looks, the excitement in our eyes not yet fading. XXX 18 SEX PORN I was
glad that I came along with her; I never had much fun in my life. It's not
that I'm a boring person, though. I'm just a little uptight.Right now, I could 12 yo nude pics not contain myself. It was near perfect for 16 calendar pregnancy week me. I
loved the concert very much. fresh 18 facials
I loved their songs, I loved their costumes,
I loved their spill, I even loved the darkness in between their numbers.
Damn, I just love those guys, to put it 10 age sexy simply, and 15 yers sex like I told you before,
I was a die-hard 14 sex porno
fan.I and the rest of their followers gathered upon the hallway where they
would hold their autograph signing. Samantha laughed while she told me I
was the only male in the group, but video cum 17yo I was too preoccupied in getting my CD
signed rather than getting embarrassed.A series of screams and shrieks told me they had arrived. Being a male did
have its benefits, for I was 1980 playboby playmates
able to see them girls porn 14 without any distraction
because of my height. I'm not that tall anyway, just 5'8", but it was
enough to free 19 porn
make me see over hundreds of girls' heads in front of me.The Avatars were composed of four members: Adam, the vocalist, with his jet
black hair, every dark brooding eyes and raspy voice, and my free 12yo pics favorite
Avatar as well; Mitch, the lead 6wk kitten sexing
guitarist, who was bald and had a tribal
tattoo on his shoulder; Lucas, the bassist, who had his hair turned into
spikes; and Wolf, the drummer, with his blue eyes and long, menstruation 2 days late grayish hair,
which was obviously dyed. All of them were really good-looking, and I
believed it was one of the factors they had millions of fans aside from the
fact that their music was very profound and versatile."Let's go, Ryan," Sam pulled issue 16 ls magazine me, squeezing through other girls in the
process. "Do you want your CD signed or not?"At this point in time, I was very eager to do that. I simply replied a
nod, and 3m animatied sex postions my best friend immediately knew my answer."Oh my God!" she exclaimed, almost jumping while we coursed through the
crowd. I, on the other hand, was continually apologizing to 10-14 pics xxx other fans Shemale cartoons 05 that
Sam had 2 sexy latinas
pushed. "They're all hot! I can't believe Size 12 thong they look twice as good
in person as in TV or in pictures!"Just when I turned my gaze to them, Adam turned to our direction, and our
eyes met for the first time. Even from a distance, I could feel the heat
rushing through my body 3 d sex animation
caused by that contact. He smiled, at ME!!! I had
never been intimidated by another guy except for him. Was I developing
feelings towards him? Was I becoming gay? I thought for a moment and
realized it 12chan porn
was just the overwhelming respect and adoration I had for him
as a fan that made me feel bust 34f
that way. I let out a sigh of relief.I had never felt these many emotions in one night, and my head was already
spinning. Maybe it was only I who thought he was smiling at me. And if he
did, it warmed 12 yo xxx my heart 11yo fucking that two people who were worlds apart, could, by
fate, become friends.When I looked back at Adam, he was already signing his fans' 2 litter bottle insertions paraphernalia,
and I 13-16 nudes noticed that a line 15 yo nude tpg was already formed for the audience so that order
could be maintained. As of the moment, I needed nothing except their
signatures on my CD. Fortunately, all the pushing and squeezing Sam and I
did a while ago landed as a good spot early on the line."We're finally getting what we came here for," Sam giggled excitedly,
seeing we were getting closer and closer to the Avatars. Then it suddenly
dawned on me why she picked me instead of her boyfriend to go with her.
Lawrence would certainly die out of jealousy."Yeah," I said. "I guess I'm lucky to be here with you. Thanks, Sam. It was
really a wonderful experience for me.""No problem," 12yo sex photo she smiled, "there's no harm in doing this stuff, you know.
You should get out more often. You're living like a hermit in your dirty
apartment.""Maybe I should," fuck girls 18 yers I responded acceptingly.We 2 male scene penis stopped talking when five people remained before us. Samantha and I
were fuming with anticipation, our 14yr pussy picturesxxx eyes focused on the group more than
anything else. Then I realized 40 inch butts there 4d sex were also reporters and cameramen asian girl an4u on
the scene, since the band's fame had reached national status. In my mind,
only the Avatars were there and the rest are background.I almost died of embarrassment when Sam pushed me to get my CD signed
first. free 15min gay ppv My knees were weak and shaking 90s pornstar list I almost fell. I managed to hold on
to the table before falling completely. I could see cameras flashing and
fans laughing houston 620 pics and that increased the shame I felt tenfold. I looked up and
saw the Avatars red-faced from trying not to laugh. They were not good
people I believed they were, and my embarrassment was replaced by anger.
At least, I thought, before I storm off, 7 dwarfs porn I could have them sign my 36 vanity base
tried to regain my composure and forced a dry smile. I won't turn my back."Hey, are you ok, dude?" Adam's 10 yr girl porn raspy voice made me soft again. Something
in it told me his concern was boom chica 13
genuine. I didn't know how he made my anger
disappear in an instant, but I was glad he did it anyway."Yeah, I'm fine," I retorted, handing him my CD. "Let's just get this over
with.""Haven't met you before," he said, looking up at me from where he was
sitting. My eyes met his and I found myself drowning in those almost black
pools. "Hey, what's your name?""It's Ryan," I replied, and I learned he asked my name so he could write it
on my CD, and 1960 s female naturapath not for other reason whatsoever. "So you know individually
each of your million fans?""Not really," he answered, smiling at me. "Just the ones who stand out."I frowned at what he said. Was it cum on wife tube8 bleach 248
because I was the only male here or was
it because I was stupid enough to fall down? I thought it was both. Then,
he winked at ME!!! I felt my legs were going numb again. What was that
about?"Uhmm, excuse me but," Sam interrupted, eureka assault 2xt
"could I take a picture 3 men elevator penis of both of
you, together?"Before I could say no, Adam was on his feet and made his way beside me.
Damn, he was fast. He placed his arm on my shoulder like we've been best
friends for an eternity. I was trembling. I had never been this close to
a celebrity before, and my first encounter would anime 13yo be that sweet 16 pussy of my idol. I had
butterflies in my stomach, but I knew it felt good.Adam was taller than me, about 5'10", and up close, I could tell he was
ruggedly handsome. His body was very warm and I felt myself melting under
his 1814 bust overton die strong arms. He smelled nice, too. His cool and raspy voice sent
shivers down my spine when he said, "Shoot whenever you're ready."And frame by frame, the next events had been stored in my memory, like the
photographs from Sam's camera. Adam 5 weeks pregnancy ultrasound tensed up and aged 13 dicks turned me to him, our
faces dangerously close to one another. I could feel his hot breath and
noticed he was breathing heavily. I was frightened and 1 porn movie captivated at the
same time when I 3-in-one silicon spray lubricant looked in his dark eyes. I was frozen, waiting for blow job 16 him to
make the next move."I have dreamed ff 10 porn
of you," Adam whispered, holding me firmly as if I was
unreal or I would runaway. "I finally found you, my soul mate."Was he joking? Did he 3gp illegal suck
just call me his soul mate? But then again, I thought
my mind had been playing tricks on 3 cum ass preview
me since the concert started, causing me
to see these hallucinations or whatever they are.Adam finally closed the space between us and our lips met for the 12 yo illegal
time. It was tentative at first but became passionate by the second. But
through it all, 3 d porn incest
I felt his love. Our kiss lasted for what I thought was
forever until I heard the audience gasp. I looked at Sam and she couldn't
believe what she 16 yo nudist pics saw either, her mouth wide open. When we were kissing I
felt as though there were only the two of us. nude 11 yo But filthy whores 4
now I knew otherwise.I then realized Adam was still holding me, and his eyes were closed, like
he was cherishing the moment. And more to my embarrassment I did the
unthinkable for an 18 year old guy like me- I fainted in his arms.Any comments, suggestions, and reactions (not necessarily violent) you have
in mind? This is my first post and I would like to hear from you. illegal porn 14 Just
contact me at:
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