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From: Michael Freeman
Subject: Michael-and-Chance-11Author's Note: Hey guys, welcome to the second season of the "Michael and
Chance" Series. I have been extremely I got it out as soon as I
could. Anyway, here's the Season 2 Premiere of MC: "Michael?"I have not made any musical reference in this chapter. However, I highly
recommend that you listen to one of my favorite songs in the world, Alanis
Morissette's "That I Would Be Good" as you read this installment (if
possible). For those who don't have the song, I have included the lyrics
below so you'll get an idea of what it's all about:"That I would be good" by Alanis MorissetteThat I would be good even if I did nothing
That I would be good even if I got the thumbs down
That I would be good if I got budding preteen model
and stayed sick
That I would be good even if I gained ten poundsThat I would nude preteens incest
be fine even if I went bankrupt
That I would be good if I lost my hair and my youth
That I would be great if I was no longer queen
That I would be grand if I was not all knowingThat I would be loved even when I numb myself
That I would be good even when I am overwhelmed
That I would be loved even when I was fuming
That rusian preteens porno
I would be good even if I was clingyThat I would be good even if I lost sanity
That I would be good whether with or without tinyangels pre teen youWell, enjoy! And remember to be good to yourself ;o)The Usual Disclaimer and underground top preteen Legal Stuff:The following story deals with male-to-male relationship and gay erotica.
If this offends you or is illegal in your location and/or you are under the
age of consent in your jurisdiction to read such materials, then you should
exit this page now. This statement releases the author of the story and
the site wherein this story is posted from any legal action or liability.All rights reserved by author. This series is preteen topless legal
not to be reproduced,
distributed, altered, or posted elsewhere without the expressed consent and
written permission from the author. Copyright 2001 Michael and Chance 11:
Michael T. Freeman
Previously:The harsh rain pounded down on me as I stood in the parking lot, fkk junor preteen totally
dazed and wet. preteen modelz bikini I can't seem to be able to breathe. My chest fell heavy
and my throat dry. I was completely bewildered, emotionally overwhelmed by
what has just transpired. I didn't know what to do, or where to go. But I
knew that I naked preteen video can't be here right now. I needed to preteen mpg mpeg
be far away from him as
possible at this moment. I trembled violently as I tried to steady my hand
to open the car door. I finally composed myself long enough to open the
fuckin' door and started the car. I quickly backed out of the parking
space and sped into ls free preteens the street. "I can't believe this is happening to me,"
I thought as I drove madly away from my apartment. I can't believe that he
doesn't trust me and would accused me of sleeping with Stacy. I shook
sporadically as I winded around the corner. Tears of hurt welled up in russian preteens masturbating my
eyes, preteen japanese fucking
nearly blinding preteen nymphets gallery me.Suddenly out of no where, a dog ran in front of the car. Michael
instinctively veered pthc pedo preteen to the right to avoid the canine and crashed into a
telephone pole. His head plunged forward and hit the steering wheel,
knocking him unconscious. The car whaled loudly as Michael's bleeding head
rested on the horn of the vehicle. "Beep....Beeepp!!!!"********************************MC11: "Michael?"God, what is he doing? Please don't let him, God. Please!"No, Chance...please don't!".......*********************** (St. Joseph's Hospital):"Excuse me nurse, where's my son?" Mr. Chandler demanded frantically as his
wife awaited for the nurse's reply with nervous preteen magazine nudes
anticipation."Just a second, sir," the busy nurse replied as she tried to put the
on-coming calls on hold."No, damn it, I want to know right now," Michael's dad half-shouted as he
pounded spanish preteens pics on the counter.
"Sir, russian preteen bikinis
calm down and I will help you!" the nurse asserted herself. "Now,
what is your hot preteen art
son's name?""It's Michael...Michael Chandler," Mrs. Chandler interjected as she
squeezed her husband's hand to calm him down. bikinis preteen oics
"We got a call from the
hospital, telling us that he has been in an accident. Please, we would
like to know where he is," Michael's mom continued as she abruptly broke
into tears."It's okay, ma'am," the nurse replied and looked at the patients'
roster. "He is in gay preteen black the intensive care unit.""Oh, my God!" Michael's mom whaled as she broke into hysteria. She felt
light-headed and weak at the knees. young legal preteens Mr. Chandler instinctively tightened
his hold on his wife's hand and prevented her from collapsing to the floor."How badly hurt is he?" Michael's dad asked with fears in his voice."I don't really know, but let me page the doctor. He'll be able to hot latino preteens
you a better idea.""Please!" Mr. Chandler replied earnestly."Please have a seat, and he'll be right with you," the nurse suggested as
she pointed to the green couches in the corner.Michael's parents reluctantly complied and sat down. "John, I can't
believed this is happening; our son's in intensive care. I can't bear to
lose him, not my baby." Tears trickled uncontrollably down her face."We're NOT going to lose him. bbs and preteen You hear me, Jacklin!" Michael's dad
asserted as tears welled up in his eyes. "Everything preteen kid model is going to be fine.
He's going to be fine." Mr. Chandler squeezed his wife's hand firmly. She
nodded naked untouched preteens
in desperate agreement.About ten minutes later, Michael's attending doctor greeted the distraught
parents."Mr. and Mrs. Chandler?" the fairly young looking doctor asked the two
worried stricken parents. Both parents nodded as they quickly got up to
greet the doctor. "Hi, I'm Dr. Dayton Baird. Sorry to have kept you
waiting.""How is he doing, doctor?" both parents inquired unanimously."As you know, he was in a car accident and hit his head on the steering
wheel and sustained a concussion. Luckily, he had part of his seat belt
on. The automatic seat belt cross-strap prevented him from flying through
the windshield and sustaining even greater injury. There doesn't seem to
be any major damage to the rest of his preteen child thumbnails body. Just some cuts and bruises.
He seems to be stabilizing so we have moved him out of intensive care.
However, he is pretty preteen fucking in a coma at this time.""Oh, my God," Mrs. Chandler cried as her husband stood there speechless."It sounds worse than it is, Mrs. Chandler," the doctor tried to comfort
her. "This sometimes happens in injury little butts preteen case like these when the brain
received a sudden, harsh blow, thus, shocking the body. The comatose state
is the body's protective and conservation mechanism. preteen thumbnail galleries The comatose state
minimizes overall bodily functions, so that all its resources are directed
towards the healing of the injured area. In other words, the body is doing
its job in healing Michael," Dr. Baird reassured the frightened parents."Will he be okay, doc," Michael's dad online magazine preteen finally spoke up. "He will come out
of the coma, right?""I wish I preteen girl anal can say positively yes," Dr. Baird replied cautiously. "We just
have to wait and see. It's a x preteen art matter of thai boys preteen time. We are doing everything that
we can to make him comfortable, and we are monitoring his progress.""Can we see him now," Michael's mom asked eagerly. "We need tgp nude preteen to see him.""Yes, of course. He's down the hall in room 369.""Thank you," Mr. Chandler said as he shook the doctor's hand and rushed to
Michael's room with his wife.Michael's mom broke down in tears when she saw her son lying on the sterile
white hospital sheets, strapped to tubes and monitors. His head wrapped in
white bandages and his neck braced. "Oh, my God, Michael. Please wake up,
honey, " Michael's mom pleaded to the still body as she gently kissed her
son's forehead."Please Michael, please wake up for us. We can't bear losing you, son,"
Michael's dad added as tears flowed silently down his face. "We love you."Both parents, emotionally drained, sat down by their son's bed and held his
hands. Michael's mom finally gave in to the mental and emotional
exhaustion and rested her forum preteens nudes weary head on hottest preteen models
the side of the bed. Michael's dad
slowly stood up and walked towards the door."Where are you going, John?""I'm going to call the kids," Michael's dad replied quietly. "And let them
know what nonnude mexican preteen happened.""Do you think it's a good idea?" Mrs. Chandler asked. "I don't want to
worry them.""No, but we can't let them not know," pussi hairy preteen Mr. Chandler replied, "They deserved
to know that their candid preteen upskirt little brother is in the hospital. And I think I better
call Stacy too and let his friends know." Mrs. Chandler nodded
reluctantly as her husband exited the room.Mr. Chandler took a deep breath as he dialed Michael's older brother's,
Eric, number on his cellular phone. No one was there. So he left a
message on the preteen virgin thumbs answering machine, explaining what happened and instructed
that he drive carefully to the hospital and not to rush. Then, he called
his daughter, Catherine, who was also not home. Mr. Chandler left the same
message and instruction. Finally, he shocking preteens pics called Stacy.After about 3 rings, he heard a voice on the other end of the line.
"Hello.""Stacy?" Mr. Chandler inquired."Yes, who is this?" ."This is Michael's father.""Oh, hi Mr. preteen pussy download Chandler. How are you doing?" Stacy asked, "Sorry, I didn't
recognize your voice over the phone.""Not too good, Stacy," Michael's dad replied gravely."What's wrong, sir?" Stacy inquired with concerns."It's Michael. He's...huh, he's been in an accident, and he is at
St. Joseph's Hospital right now." Mr. Chandler sighed and continued to
inform Stacy of his son's current condition.Worried and concerned, Stacy quickly interjected, "I will be right there,
sir!""Stacy, I want you to take a cab. I don't want you to drive when you are
in an emotional state," Michael's dad instructed, "Oh, I almost forgot.
Would you please call Chance and let him know what happened. I don't have
his phone number. Okay, I need to get back to Michael and his mom. Would
you please call him and I want you two to take your time in getting here,
okay?" Mr. Chandler gave Michael's room number and hung up.********************Stacy immediately dialed Chance's number. After a few rings, Chance
answered the phone, "Hello.""Chance?""Yeah...Stacy?" Chance asked indifferently. "What do you want?""Chance, it's nylon preteens pics Michael!" Stacy replied, ignoring his curt tone."Yeah, what about Michael," Chance asked with a sudden concern in his
voice."He's been in a car accident and he is in the hospital!" Stacy finally
blurted out."Oh, my God...!" Chance uttered as he suddenly felt sick to his
stomach. "What happened," he asked as tears welled up in his eyes."All I know is that he crashed into a telephone pole and is now in a coma."
Stacy started to choke up."I preteen bald pussys can't believe this is happening, oh my preteen crossdressing galleries God." Chance shook his head taboo preteen videos as
tears streamed down his face. "Where is he...which hospital.""He's at St. Joseph's Hospital," Stacy hastily replied. Suddenly it dawned
on her that it may not have been wise of her to tell me him that, so she
quickly added, "Chance, listen to me, call a cab, okay? You shouldn't
drive when you are so emotional. I'm going to do the same since my car is
in the shop."But Chance could no longer seem to hear her. His ears were buzzing. yung preteen sex His
head throbbed in pain as his heart felt heavy with guilt and worry. The
room seemed to be spinning around him. Chanced closed his eyes."Chance...Chance, are you still there?" Stacy shouted into the receiver.
"Do you hear me?"Chance finally snapped out of his dizzy spell. "Yeah, abused preteen videos I heard you, but I
can't wait for a cab, Stacy...I just can't. I need to get to the hospital
right away. I need to be with him," Chance replied as he trembled
uncontrollably with fear. "I'm going to go to the hospital right now!""Then pick me up too. It's on your way to the hospital...please," peeing movies preteen Stacy
pleaded, hoping that parenting pre teen he would say yes. At preteen nn russian least she would be riding with
him, and she can keep an eye on his driving. Better yet, she can drive the
damn car herself, she preteen free porno
thought. "Please, please, Chance," Stacy asked
desperately."Ok, I'll be right there," Chance finally agreed in ."Drive safely, okay?" Stacy shouted into the receiver as Chance hung up.Fifteen minutes later, Stacy heard Chance's speeding car shrieked into her
driveway."Get in," Chance instructed."No, you moved over. I'm going to do the driving," Stacy insisted firmly,
"You're going to kill us both driving like that to the hospital, now move
over!""Well, maybe, I deserved galleries preteen sexe
to be killed," Chance mumbled as he looked down at
the car floor."What?" Stacy asked with confusion as she pushed Chance out of the driver's
seat. A guilt stricken Chance pics hard preteens
finally gave in and moved over to the
passenger's side."What do you mean, Chance?" Stacy inquired as she backed out of the drive
and headed for the hospital. "What are you talking about?""It's all my fault!" Chance exclaimed at he continued to stare at the car
floor. "It's my fault that Michael got into an accident," he continued as
tears begin to well up in his eyes."What are preteen xxx pictures you babbling about, Chance. I don't understand. preteen girls handjob
How is
Michael's accident your fault," Stacy asked, still puzzled, as she drove
cautiously towards the hospital."We got into a nasty argument this evening, and he stormed out of the
apartment, and sped away in preteen teenie virgin
his car." Chance explained as tears trickled
down underage preteen ru
his face. "It's all my fault!""Chance, you can't blame yourself for that," Stacy tried to console him.
"What were you two arguing about, anyway, that left him so angry?""It was so stupid! I asked him if he...," Chance paused, feeling ashamed
and embarrassed before continuing on, "if he slept with you last night.""WHAT???" Stacy, nearly screamed, erotic comic preteen momentarily took her eyes of the road
and looked at him in disbelief. Chance cringed at her stare. "Whatever
possesses you to think that?"Chance could not bear to look Stacy in strap on preteens
the eyes as he shook sporadically in
his seat. He finally composed himself enough to reply, "I saw you two
kissing at String's yesterday evening and since he didn't returned home
last night, well...well, I figured that he must have spend the night with
you." Chance looked at Stacy briefly.Stacy sunk back in her seat as the events of yesterday flooded back into
her consciousness as she realized how Chance could have misinterpreted what
he saw. She now feel like shit, completely guilt ridden as she realized
that preteens mdel she was the cause for this whole preteens dressed sexy mess. If she hasn't kissed Michael
and hasn't been so selfish in her needs for his company last night, Michael
and Chance would have not gotten into an argument, and Michael would not
have driven off in preteen sex lol
anger and crashed."It's not your fault, Chance. It's not your fault," she repeated with a
sigh as she glanced at Chance. "It's all my fault!"Chance looked at her with a confused look on his face. "What do you mean?""Chance, you are mistaken. Michael didn't sleep with me last night in the
way you thought. He did spent the night at my place to comfort me because
I was such a mess yesterday when Brian broke up with me, and I was
desperate for his company," Stacy shamefully admitted as she pulled the car
over to the curb and tgp preteen nude
turned off the engine. "He was only being a good
friend and naked nymphet preteen stayed with me preteen xxx underage last night. And yes, I did kissed him at the
restaurant, but I was a bit drunk, and I felt really sorry for myself at
that moment. And he was there, being such a great and supportive friend
that I just couldn't preteen xxx 12
help myself. And so I kissed rape preteen girl
him in my moment of
weakness and desperate needs for comfort. home preteen models
And he did naturisme preteen photo
kissed me back, but I
think only because he felt preteens modls sorry for me and just wanted to comfort me. So
I am SO sorry, Chance. I am so sorry for everything. It is all my fault!
Chance looked at Stacy in shock as she sobbed and shook sporadically.Chance was completely speechless as he suddenly broke down in tears again
as he realized that Stacy was wrong. It was his fault! It preteen littel model
was his
accusation that prompted Michael to storm out of the apartment world preteen sex
and drove
off in anger and crashed into that telephone pole. "It's my's
all my fault," Chance continued to berate himself. His stomach churned
with pain as the overwhelming weigh of guilt compressed his chest and
heart. preteen naturist toplist He couldn't nn preteen portfolio
seem to breathe. He doesn't want to breathe. He
doesn't deserved to breathe after what he did to the only person in world
that he loves and preteen nudist website cares so much, and would die littl preteen for. Tears streamed
uncontrollably down his face.Seeing that Chance is a complete wreak, Stacy stopped crying long enough to
reach over and hugged him, "It's ok, Chance. It's not your fault. It
really isn't," she softly whispered. "We need to be strong for Michael,
ok? He needs us to be strong preteen schoolgirl outfits
right now. Let's pre teen temper assign blame later. Let's
get to the preteen girls bodybuilding hospital first and innocent cute preteen see how he's really doing, alright?"Chance nodded in agreement as Stacy started preteen video porn up the car and pulled into
traffic. Thirty minutes later, they arrived at the hospital and rushed to
the third floor."Stacy...Chance, I'm glad to see that you two nasty under preteens made it safely here,"
Mr. Chandler said as he greeted the two youngers.Tears welled up in Chance's eyes when he saw Michael lying there,
unconscious with tubes up his noses and arms, attached to hospital's
monitors.Michael's dad walked up to Chance and put his hand on Chance's shoulder,
trying to console him, "It's ok, son. It's alright.""It's not ok, sir," Chance paused as tears trickled down his face, "it's
all...""Chance, don't. Don't do this to yourself," Stacy quickly protested.But Chance was not listening. "It's all my fault, Mr. Chandler," Chance
confessed. nn preteen boy
"I did this to Michael." Chance averted Michael's dad's eyes.Both parents looked at each other in puzzlement. "What are you talking
about?" Mrs. Chandler interrupted."I'm so sorry, Mrs. Chandler," Chance explained in between tears, "Michael
and I had a nasty preteen vagina tgp argument this evening, and cyber preteen art
he...he drove of mad.""WHAT!" Mrs. Chandler exclaimed with anger in her voice, "How could you
have let him drive off like that? How could you, Chance?"Chance nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw the fire in Michael's
mom's eyes. He just wanted to shrivel up and disappeared at that moment
for causing so preteen naturists galleries much pain to Michael's parents. Chance couldn't hold back
the tears. They came pouring out.But Michael's mom continued her verbal assault, "I have always KNOWN that
you were no good for my son," she blasted at a shaken and frightened
Chance."That's enough, Jacklin!" Mr. Chander preteen smoking pics
finally spoke up and scolded his
wife, "That's quite enough."But the damage was done. That was the final blow. It hit Chance like a
speeding bullet through his heart and soul. He was crushed, devastated.
He stood there speechless, trembling violently. "I'm soorry,
ma'am," he managed to utter as he looked at the weary parents and then to
his beloved Michael. "I'm so sorry, angel," Chance whispered and bolted
for the door.Stacy quickly chased after him. "Chance, wait, please..." she yelled, "She
didn't mean that!"But Chance was not listening. He no longer cared. He could no longer be
in the same room with Michael's parents. He has to get away. He has to
get out of here. As he exited the building, the chilly night air hit him
like a brick wall, sending chills down his spine. He quickly dashed for
his car as he heard the alina preteen model distant plead of Stacy approaching him fast. He
madly opened his car door, hopped in, and sped away, wiping tears from his
eyes as Stacy looked on hopelessly.Chance made record time in getting back to his apartment. No one was home.
The apartment was pitch black. He fumbled for the light switch as he
entered the apartment and slammed the door shut. He collapsed onto the
sofa as he put his hands to his face, trying desperately to hold back the
tears, but it was no use. They gushed out like Old Faithful. He wept
uncontrollably as his body threw itself into spasm. It was too much. The
tragic events of the last 24 hours rushed back to him like a bullet train.
His false accusation. The argument. Michael's accident. The unbearable
anger in Michael's mom's eyes. It was too much. His head felt like lead,
throbbing with pain. His chest constricted with mexican preteen lesbians guilt. His throat choked
with dryness as the salty taste of tears leaked into his mouth. His
stomach churned with anxiety. He couldn't seem to breathe or think. He
felt nauseated. The emotional and mental pain was excruciating! It was
too much. He couldn't take it anymore. He just want it all to end. To
stop! With that singular thought, Chance got up from the sofa, and walked
towards the balcony. He slowly opened the sliding, glass door. The blast
of chill, night air hit his body, but Chance didn't flinch. He didn't even
feel the chill. He was numb inside. black preteenz bbs Chance bikini preteens photos proceeded straight to the
balcony rail and without hesitation, step over the railing, and sat himself
fearlessly down on the top rail with both feet resting on the lower railing
while his hands griped the upper railing on both side. He looked up at the
night sky. The grey, threatening clouds of hours past have dissipated to
reveal a deep velvet blue sky. A canvas of stars shone down on him. "They
looked so peaceful hanging up there," Chance thought to himself. "Without
any pain or heartache. preteen nymphets top Without any pain and heartache," he chanted in his
mind . He slowly closed his eyes and took a deep breath, ready to set
himself free of the pain and heartache.And just as Chance was about german preteen nymphets
to end it all, to let go of all his pain and
misery, he heard the faint, familiar voice free preteen beastiality of his beloved Michael behind
him, "No, Chance...please don't!"Startled by the voice, Chance opened his eyes and instinctively looked over
his right shoulder to see a shimmering, ghostly figure of his beautiful
Michael standing behind him with arms outreached. Chance, without
thinking, let go of his right grip and reached for the radiant figure,
causing him to lose balance. His body reflectively reacted as his left
hand illegal preteen hairless
tightened its grip on preteen paysite passwords the railing as he dangled helplessly from 10
stories above ground."Michael?!!" Chance cried out as he looked up to balcony. But no one was
in sight. A very bewildered and distressed Chance shouted hysterically for
help as he hung on for dear life.To be continuedAuthor's Note: Well, I hope you enjoyed that! brave preteen girls Let me know what preteen links pics
you think
about this second season's premiere installment. Ok, take care guys!Send your email to
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