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From: Pete Brown
Subject: Mandrasat: Part Ten For five unending minutes, standing spread eagle, his skin
seemingly on fire from the bikini modelos coating kiddy model porn of hair removal gel, Bret quivered and
shook until Zarak finally commanded, "Take him to the showers." The Nubians
grabbed his arms and pulled him under the shower heads, scraping the goo
from his body, then lathering him up and scrubbing him clean. His skin was
raw and tender, as though it had just been raked over with a scouring pad.
And it had turned pink; from top to bottom, front to back, he was flaming
pink! Scowling into Bret's face, Zarak demanded for a second time "Do you
come with me now easily or do I put you on a leash?" For a second time, Bret, his head bowed and eyes downcast,
answered, "I will come with you easily, Master." "Good," Zarak snapped. "Walk behind me. It is time for your next
Chapter Two: Zarak! (cont'd). Bret followed the giant slavemaster through Mandrasat's shadowy
corridors model porn blowjob in silence; at least he had not been forced to b17 model 299 wear the wrist
cuffs again; he was not, however, foolish enough to think that was an
oversight. His head throbbed atrociously from the beating Zarak had given
him, and would probably continue to do so for several days; his anus and
intestines burned as though they'd been drenched with acid, and his bright
pink skin from Shareem's depilatory gook stung dreadfully and made him feel
like a sideshow freak. He suffered other aches throughout his body as
well, in his buttocks, his ribs, and his tiny teen modelz
guts, but, considering the extent
of damage a monster like Zarak could have wreaked on his body, he knew he
was youngukrainianmodels lucky to be alive.
When at last they arrived at Zarak's self-styled work room, the
door slid open silently; under other circumstances, Bret's curiosity might
have been piqued by this phenomenon, but the hell he had suffered over the
past two days, and the mind crushing terror of his captivity had deadened
any interest in his surroundings. As they entered the room, the door slid
quietly shut behind them.
Zarak walked directly to the toilet and discharged a mighty torrent
into the bowl, russian girls modells while Bret stood silently in the middle of the room.
Without conscious awareness of it, Bret was spellbound by the volume of
piss and the force behind it gushing out of Zarak's gigantic cock. It was
like watching a dominatrix model pressure hose letting loose with a stream twice as thick as
anything he'd ever teen models posing seen shoot out of his own penis.
When Zarak had finished shaking his cock and had hit the flush
button, he stepped to the shelf on the side wall and removed a large,
steel, bowl; Bret had not noticed it before, nor its companion which still
sat on the shelf, but with his curiosity dead, he didn't question it.
Zarak went and sat on the side of the jgirls model bed, his thighs spread and his huge
genitals baby model contests spilling over the edge, and ordered Bret to kneel directly in
front of him.
He looked Bret in the children modeling xxx face and smirked, "With all the black Nubian
cock you sucked today, you may not feel hungry now, but teen shemale models Master Shareem
requires all russian amatuer models
slaves to eat this food two times a day. Here is what you
eat," he said as he held the bowl under Bret's nose. "It may not look like
anything you ever ate before," he snickered, "but it is a most 8yo models girls healthy
food, and the kennels have prepared it especially for you." Zarak chuckled
sarcastically at his private little joke.
The sight of the bowl's contents brought a surge of nausea sweeping
through Bret's stomach. His disgust children model dildo
must have been clearly registered by
his facial japanese preeteen models expression because Zarak laughed uproariously. The bowl was
filled with a swirl of greenish-yellow and brown slime. It was indeed
healthy, albeit revolting in appearance, containing an computer balanced
blend of vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates; it was also
laced with steroids, hormones, and a powerful sedative.
"I will feed you," he said scooping out a lump of the gelatinous
mess with his hand and holding it under Bret's mouth. "Suck your food out
of my hand."
Revolted, Bret remained motionless, until Zarak's deep and
threatening growl prompted him to bend his neck and tentatively stick out
his tongue.
"Eat your food, slave," he hot model couples commanded, shoving his fingers into
Bret's mouth.
Chocking and gagging at the sudden invasion of Zarak's hand, he was
shocked nn small models and horrified as well as petite nn models excited by the feel of the giant's fingers
encircling his tongue. The tasteless glop had the consistency of thick,
gluey, pudding, and Zarak kept shoveling more and more of it model nude search into his
"Do not waste my diecast automobile models time," the giant snarled. "And do not waste your
Unable to swallow the swill as rapidly as Zarak was depositing it,
much of the slop spilled out of Bret's mouth and back into the bowl. He
looked pleadingly into the giant's face, hoping to convey his distress and
to slow down this rapid, assembly line force feeding. The overseer glared
at him with disgust and held his hand still, allowing Bret to suck down all
the gunk clinging to his fingers.
Even with a noticeable reduction in the pace of Zarak's steam
shovel approach to dining, it was still difficult for Bret expert park models to keep teen model factory2 up, but,
eventually, he consumed the entire bowl, more concerned with obeying Zarak
than thinking about the foul scum he'd been swallowing. Zarak wiped his
fingers along the sides of the bowl, accumulating the dregs of the slop,
then atomic model
shoved them into Bret's mouth, keeping them there longer than
necessary and playing with his tongue.
Zarak enjoyed feeling the inside of his captive's mouth; he clamped
his fingers around the base of his tongue and 3m teen models
stroked its top side with his
thumb. Even after Bret had downed every trace of the bowl's contents, he
kept busty model perfect
him kneeling in front of him, his fingers buried in his mouth.
"Let me feel your tongue, slave," he growled. "Suck my fingers
like you suck cock."
The blazing red humiliation and degradation on Bret's face and neck
far surpassed the obscene pink covering the rest of his body. He was
defenseless and debased; all the trappings of his former life mocked him.
What good were they now? What good would they ever nude model atlanta be again? Everything
he valued had been ripped from him. His freedom. His pride. His future.
He had been reduced to kids panty model the level of a sex slave and a plaything for this
deformed brute who could kill him as easily as look at him.
Zarak, giggling to himself, tickled Bret's lips and tongue for
another ten minutes, then finally withdrew his fingers from his prisoner's
mouth, and, handing the empty slop bowl to him, said, "Put this back on the
shelf and bring the other one over here."
Bret began teen models freeones
to stand up but received a swift and violent kick on the
side of his thigh from Zarak. "Did I tell crazy models toplist you to stand up?" he shouted.
Sprawled on the floor and stunned from the force of the impact,
Bret cried out in shock and pain, "No, Master. model 12 teen
You did not tell me to
stand up, Master."
"I did not," Zarak affirmed sharply. "You will crawl on your knees
over to the wall and rise just as far as you need to place the bowl on the
shelf and take the other one off. You will then crawl back. And do not
dare model girl photos
to spill anything from the bowl as you bring it here, or I will lash
you for each stain on my floor. Now go!"
Bret scuttled across the floor, painfully scraping the pink,
tenderized skin of his kneecaps along the way, then by half crouching, half
standing, he was able to reach the shelf and replace the empty bowl and
take the second one. To his horror, he discovered the new bowl was filled
of water just as a cupful sloshed over the side. He heard Zarak growl at
the same instant the water hit the floor, and he grimaced, knowing the
giant would be true to his word, and more pain lay in store for him.
Zarak glared furiously at him as he crawled back to the bed, porno model gallery and
Bret, fearful of his impending child models sexys
punishment, paid little attention to the
painful scrapes on his knees. When he arrived in front of him, Zarak
ordered him to turn around and face in the direction he had just come.
"Now put the bowl down," he growled, "and bend over, elbows on the
Bret obeyed the order instantly, confused and frightened goth models lingerie models amatuer
at his
bottoms up position.
"You may hold the water bowl in place," Zarak continued gruffly,
"but you may not pick it up. Do you understand, slave?"
"Yes, Master," Bret responded with a slight crack in his voice. "I
understand, Master."
"Good. Now you may drink, but like a dog. pretenn model nude
Use only your tongue
and lap up the entire bowl of water."
With his backside pointing toward the ceiling and his hole fully
exposed to Zarak's view, Bret hesitantly lowered his face into the bowl and
began to slurp the water into his mouth. Suddenly, he froze in place, his
body stiff, as Zarak clamped his massive hands on his molly model ass cheeks, still
sore from this afternoon's paddling, and spread them wide.
"I did not tell you young top model
to stop drinking your water, slave. Master
Shareem's order is that you drink large amounts of water every day. Keep
"Yes, Master," he mumbled apprehensively in response, but once
again his actions were brought to a terrifying and abrupt halt as a new and
electric sensation exploded through his body. Zarak had buried his face
between latina model lesbians
Bret's buttocks and was dragging his tongue along the groove.
Bret's entire body shook; his knees buckled, and he collapsed on
top of his drinking bowl, sending it spinning lily nguyen model across the floor, splashing
water in its wake. Zarak dropped from the cute preeteen models
bed to the floor and locked his
arms around Bret's hips and thighs, hoisting him roughly back onto his
hands and knees, jabbing his tongue furiously across the lips of his anus.
Bret wailed loudly, his limbs beyond control, his mind reeling,
paralyzed by Zarak's assault. He had learned about sex as all boys in
boarding schools learn about sex, incorrectly from one another. Prior to
his captivity, his sexual experience consisted exclusively of masturbation,
followed by periods of anxiety, guilt, and fear. He could not begin to
comprehend the kind of sex act being forced upon manmodelnakedpicture him now. His senses were
hurled kid model pagent
about, suspended midway between abhorrence and lust.
Pinned immobile by Zarak's overwhelming weight and strength, the
only responses Bret could make to the giant's tongue digging into his ass
were moans and body spasms, and his own cock gone rock hard rigid. With
his powerful arms and legs encircling Bret's body, Zarak continued growling
and snarling throughout the onslaught, pounding his tongue through his
hole, manhandling his cock and balls, twisting his hips and buttocks,
biting and wrestling him across the floor.
The giant knew his slave had no experience in defending himself, so
he refrained from battering him with his full strength; the pleasure of
pulverizing him as a furiously combative captive young asian model would hawain nude models have to wait until
he learned how to fight back. For now, Zarak amused himself by twisting
and stretching and bending Bret's body like a toy, working his tongue into
and around the slave's hole, then chewing javmodel password
and free ilegal model sucking mouthfuls of skin
from his belly and tits, from his inner thighs and buttocks, sucking his
balls into his mouth whole, naked male models and, all the nude gale models while, returning again and again
for more tongue action in his ass.
Finally, Zarak totally enveloped him, his massive arms pinning
Bret's to his sides, his enormous legs locking his together, and his giant
cock wedged full length, thick and throbbing between his buttocks. Tears
of fear and confusion rolled down Bret's face; he chocked and sobbed,
trying to catch his breath, as he felt his consciousness slipping away.
Zarak bellowed like an elephant as he rolled around the floor, his
captive clenched to his body, then he lay on his back, panting and growling
in obvious satisfaction, holding Bret tightly stretched on top. After a
few moments of bouncing him around, Zarak unpinned Bret's arms and legs and
let him slide off his belly and onto the floor, then, laying on his side,
chuckling and grunting, he began to jab and pummel him.
"We have many games to play, slave," he laughed, "and I will make
you expert in all of them."
Bret found himself again torn in two, wanting this obscenity to
end, unable to abide the thought of living at this fiend's mercy, or
enduring his assaults 1985 cadillac models and depravities, or losing his catwalk model agency body to whatever
debauchery might amuse black pussy modellers
him for models amater the moment, but at the same time, abjectly
craving his monstrous body, his mouth, his sex. He tried to pull away from
Zarak's grip, but the giant caught him with his arm and dragged him back to
his side, rubbing their bodies together, then as a sign this game was
finished, he rolled Bret onto his stomach, straddled his thighs, and
administered several forceful open hand slaps to each buttock.
"You have been a disobedient and clumsy slave, and I must teach you
to be a dutiful and attentive one. Am I childmodels nude not right?" His question drew mini preeteen models
more painful, open hand slaps across Bret's ass.
"Yes, Master," he moaned weakly in response. "I must be taught to
be an obedient and attentive slave, Master."
Zarak, lily s model got to his feet dragging Bret with him. He could see the
sedative his captive had consumed along with the angels model nudist bowl of slime taking
effect. In spite of his burning, reddened ass, his eyelids were fluttering
and his breathing heavier. Most apparently, he stopped struggling and was
going limp. With one huge arm wrapped around his waist, Zarak pulled him
to the bed and let him fall across it, then, hoisting his legs, he let him
roll across to the wall before climbing in beside junior model bikini him. Bret was
unconscious before Zarak hit the control panel extinguishing the ceiling
The giant lay in the dark, on his side next to Bret, his right arm
underneath the slave's shoulder blades floquil model paints and his left resting on his chest,
his tongue sliding across his face. He liked the feel of this slave's
body; it was smooth and firm, strong, but not hard yet; for the next
several months, Zarak's delight will be to transform this crying baby into
an agile, aggressive, perfectly muscled gladiator slave, able to use his
cock as well as his fists.
Zarak small photomodels pics sighed in anticipation and dragged his arm slowly down Bret's
stomach, resting shameika teen model his fingers on his genitals. He lay in the dark, enjoying
the feel of his captive's cock and balls, stroking them and rubbing them.
Eventually he rose up onto his knees and, guided by the lighted control
panel on the wall, he reached nn underware models over legal pedo models and punched in a model 4e grinder
series of numbers. The
ceiling lights came on dimly, though bright enough to see the outlines of
the room.
Assuring little agency modeling himself that asian teens models
Bret was deeply asleep, he slid off the bed
and models youngest nude lumbered over to the door which opened silently at his approach; before
exiting the room he punched in another set of numbers on annebell teen model
the doorway
control panel that would bring the lights to full intensity in seven hours
then he stepped into the corridor outside, and the door closed behind him.
-0- Bret awoke with a terrifying jolt as the ceiling lights burst on
fully bright. latin tiny models It took but a few seconds for his startled mind to focus and
his brain to tell him that his body throbbed from head to foot. He tried
to raise himself onto his elbows, but even the thought of movement
triggered painful spasms and brought forth agonized groans from his lips,
and he fell back onto the bed. He had no recollection of getting into bed;
his last memory was of Zarak throwing him around on the floor, assaulting
his body, models tween tweenage
and digging his tongue into his ass.
Bret shuddered in disgust at the vivid images in his mind, but his
cock rapidly grew stiff and hard. At that moment, the door slid open and
Zarak strode into the room. He chuckled at the sight of Bret's hard on,
and stepping to the side of the bed, reached down and fingered his
ballooning cockhead.
"I see you are up and ready for the day."
Bret remained silent in his humiliation, and grimaced as Zarak
began raising him to a sitting position by tugging on his cock. His body
was still a flamboyant pink, but the raw, burning sensation had diminished
considerably. The major centers of pain in his body were his head, his
face, and his buttocks.
"Out of bed," Zarak commanded. "I take a teen models sites shower now, and you will
attend me."
Apparently some kind of signal was sent from Zarak's facial
expression to Bret's subconscious that prompted him to respond, "Yes,
Master," and he was puzzled and frightened at how automatically the words
sprang from his lips. He eased himself off the bed and stood in front of
Zarak, his cock pointing up stiffly, waiting for his orders which came
quickly and decisively.
"Get into the shower and turn on the water. I lotita nudist models like it nice and
The shower was wide open, no curtain, no walls, simply an immensely
oversized shower head protruding from the ceiling, directly above a drain.
Two knobs mounted on the wall controlled the flow and temperature of the
water; a recessed soap dish held a large, nude models vaginas dark brown bar of soap, it's
edges worn smooth by use. Bret stepped under the shower head and twisted
both knobs simultaneously and was instantly drenched with a cascade of ice
water. His cock fell swiftly limp.
Zarak laughed loudly watching him writhe and twist about under the
torrent of cold water, frantically turning the knobs trying to adjust the
temperature. The overseer stepped under the shower, knocked Bret's hands
aside and set the knobs to his accustomed temperature. The deluge pounding
out of the enormous shower head was more than adequate to engulf both slave
and slavemaster completely.
Shoving the bar of topless german models
soap at Bret, model pageant tgp Zarak shouted, "Start with my head
and neck and wash down."
As he began his task, Bret tried to maintain a distance of several
inches between them, but Zarak would have none of that and grabbed Bret by
the hips and pulled him tight against his body. nude highschool models
He smiled menacingly but
said nothing, rotating his hands over and digging his fingers into Bret's
wet and shiny body. Their cocks were beginning to stiffen against each
other as Bret stretched to rub his soaped hands over the giant's head,
neck, and shoulders. He ran his hands underneath the giant's gold collar
and over his shoulder blades, then under each arm, bianca daniels model amazed at the thickness
of his muscles, then he worked his hands onto Zarak's chest.
He was mesmerized by the giant's nipples, large to begin top 100teen models with, they
were incredibly distended from the weight of his gold rings and hardened by
the buffeting shower, they were just below eye level for him, thick fleshy
tubes, pierced midway between rigid tip and rich brown aureole.
Clasping a monica model
hand on the back of Bret's head and pushing his face
into his chest, Zarak rasped, "Suck on them, slave. I want you to suck my
Bret tried to keep his lips closed as his mouth was forced onto
Zarak's swollen, rigid nipple, but the overseer applied an eye-popping,
painful grip to the back of Bret's neck ending models teen video all resistance. Held
tightly against Zarak's jenns teen model body, with his nipple stuffed into his mouth and
staring directly at the giant's bulging right pectoral muscle, Bret monthly nude models felt as
though his sanity had fled, that reality had disintegrated, and that all
was madness.
He was standing naked under a pounding shower, model intercourse pressed against the
body of an Arab giant who'd raped him girl modeling lingerie and beaten him and tortured him and
whose ringed nipple had just been forced into his mouth. With no thought
in his mind and his face squeezed into Zarak's chest, Bret began to laugh.
His whole body shook, and it made perfect sense to him to laugh at the
absurdity of his situation, and his laughter grew louder.
Zarak stepped back and stared into Bret's face curiously, but he
continued laughing, tears streaming, but invisible under the powerful
shower. The overseer's face gradually twisted in anger and he took hold of
Bret's shoulders and began to shake him.
"You think you have something to laugh at," he snarled. "You do
not. You are a slave. You are a naked, hairless slave, and for the rest
of your life you are a slave. This is no game. Master Shareem has
commanded me to prepare you for auction, and prepare you I will by killing
that person you used to be and making africa teen model you into a slave ready to perform
whatever your master wishes. Do you think this is funny?"
Bret stood for a moment in silence as the shower elia teen model
beat down on both
of them, then, with head bowed and the place of laughter inside him dark
and dead, he answered lifelessly, "No, Master. I see nothing funny,
"Wash my belly," Zarak snapped. "I will tell you how to do the
Bret rubbed the bar of soap over Zarak's granite stomach; it was a
strange sensation young model cum for him to say the least; the idea of dragging his hands
across anyone's naked body was totally alien to his mind and sensibilities,
but inspite of his efforts, his cock fasion teen models
went granite hard and rigid itself.
When he had reached Zarak's hips, the giant turned about face, spread his
legs, bent over, and reaching back, grabbed his butt cheeks and spread
"On model jordan naked
your knees, slave, and do my crack first," he growled, "then my
Bret, slumping to his knees horrified at the prospect of rubbing
his hands between Zarak's buttocks and near hysterical realizing he'd been
ordered to clean his hole as well, broke the cardinal rule of slavery and
spoke without permission.
"Please, Master. I can't do that. Master, don't ask me. Please,
please don't ask me."
Then Vesuvius erupted. daily sport models As torrents of water exploded off his body,
and roaring young info models at the top of his voice, Zarak swung around, fists raised above
his head, towering full height over Bret, his face almost black with rage.
His slave had not only disobeyed his direct order, he had also violated the
basic tenet usenet sandra model
of his belief and the cornerstone of his conditioning, that
enslavement of the many was inevitable and that slaves were predestined to
be slaves regardless of how their lives may have developed. Destiny would
ultimately hand them over to their masters.
In Zarak's mind and psyche, there could be no alternative to
predestination nor any allowance for young seductive models
compromise. Slaves who break any law,
or any part of any law, must be punished severely and immediately, and this
slave cowering at his feet had broken the primal law. The giant overseer
stood frozen in place, his leg and arm muscles bulging, his fists ready to
crush bone, but a mighty battle was being waged inside his mind.
His instinct was to unleash his power and beat the slave senseless,
but he knew how valuable a piece of property he cg models nude
was to Master Shareem, and
if he crippled this slave, his punishment would be equally destructive. He
had watched as other unfortunate overseers had been executed in most
horrible ways, some lingering in agony for many hours, some even for days.
Such graphic nonude models gallery
atrocities were Shareem's only control over his band of
powerful overseers, that and constant indoctrination that permanently
damaging a slave was not worth an agonizing death.
Growling and shaking with anger, Zarak reached behind his back and
turned off the shower and stood over Bret as the remainder of the water
streamed down his body, over the curled form of his slave and onto jesse teenmodel the
floor. For a full five minutes he glared down at his prisoner, thunder
rumbling in his throat.
Finally, in an angry and foreboding voice, he pronounced sentence
on Bret. "For your brazen model com sex disobedience, I will punish you myself at the
end of this day, harshly, beyond any punishment you have ever endured
before. If that punishment does not remind you that instantaneous
obedience is the life of a slave, then I have much more painful methods.
And if I ever professional bikini models hear you speak again without permission, I will drag you to
the kennels and have the grooms burn out your vocal chords. I may do that
anyway as a gift to your future master. Now get to your feet; we have
tasks to attend to."-0-MANDRASAT is very much a 'Work Under Construction,' and I would appreciate
hearing your thoughts and suggestions should you choose to continue reading
through the story. Please email your comments to
Pete Brown
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